Why WWE Raw Needs No More JBL

Rodney SouthernCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2008

In the world of professional wrestling there are heels (bad guys) and there are babyfaces (good guys), though the line between the two has blurred in recent years. With the popularity of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, rooting for the bad guy has become commonplace at times.

The WWE is painfully hurting for a true heel to pit against the good guys. JBL is currently filling that void, but he is simply not working out. He brings people to tears with boring appearances and tired gimmicks.

JBL portrays a rich, egotistical, Wall Street cowboy, and that is exactly the problem. He does a wonderful job of making the fans hate him. But the real problem with this is why exactly they hate him.

It is not because he is irritating (he is). It is not because he does morally bad things (he does). It is because he is extremely boring in and out of the ring. A good heel makes you want to see him beaten. JBL makes fans want to see him go away. Completely.

The thought of him hanging around WWE Raw for yet another year makes me want to turn off the television at times. What makes matters even worse is that the WWE seems intent on pushing him into every major storyline.

Why? Not one person I know wants to see JBL fight anybody. This puzzles me and makes me wonder if the politics are running wild around the WWE offices. Why else would they shove JBL down our throats week after week? Especially with the up and coming TNA breathing down their neck.

Randy Orton was the ultimate bad guy. He made you want to see him get ripped limb from limb. Even in his matches against jobbers, you actually cheered for the jobbers. Orton was the epitome of interaction with the fans even though he used few words.

JBL often rants like an old cowboy that needs to be put out to pasture. As an announcer, I actually enjoyed JBL. He did a fine job for the most part.

As a full-time heel, JBL just needs to step away. Though his words were rather ludicrous, I must agree with the message John Cena spray painted on JBL's limo: "JBL is poopy!"