WWE Superstars That Need a New Finisher, and What It Should Be

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 5, 2010

A finisher is a move usually used to end the match, it is usually on of the main attractions of a wrestler, for instance when you think of Hulk Hogan you immediately think of the atomic legdrop.

There are currently some wrestlers in the WWE that need a new finisher, either because their current one is unrealistic, or because it doesn't fit their gimmick.

In my article, I will mention who they are and what their new finisher should be.

1) Vladimir Kozlov: The current finisher of Kozlov is a kneeling leg trap chokeslam, it is a decent finisher but it doesn't really fit Kozlov's gimmick of a sambo wrestler. Kozlov should use a submission move as a finisher. He could still use the Iron Curtain as a setup for a submission but not as a finisher.

New Finisher: The Tazzmision:  It is brutal, is fits perfectly a sambo wrestler and it looks really realistic. Maybe Kozlov could rename it to something else or even use Tazz as his manager!


2) Chris Masters: Even though he is one of my favourite wrestlers he really needs a new finisher. His current finisher is a swinging full nelson, even though it looks nice it is getting old plus it has lost it's value, after the Masterlock challenge has stopped.

New Finisher: Running or Diving Polish Hammer(Double Axe Handle Blow): It can be hit out of nowhere, it looks brutal and after what it did 5 years ago to Stevie Richards it can make Chris Masters the monster he used to be.


3) MVP:  Do I even need to say anything, The Playmaker is unrealistic and it doesn't fit his ballin personality. MVP needs a new finisher if he wants to be taken seriously.

New Finisher: The Pivot( Bicycle Kick): A way better move than the big boot. It is fast and it can be hit out of nowhere. It could establish MVP a ballin image.

4) Ted DiBiase: He has future, he has talent but what he hasn't got is a finisher of a main eventer. The Dream Street isn't much of a powerhouse finisher and it looks a lot like a regular move. If the WWE wants to push DiBiase in the main event scene he should have something stronger for a finisher.

New Finisher: The Million $ Side Effect( Spinning side slam): Even the name itself fits Dibiase Perfectly. This finisher is so brutal and so realistic that it could help DiBiase establish a heel image easily.