The Riddler Report: (UPDATE) Christopher Daniels Gone From TNA

Delete this account Contributor IApril 5, 2010

Welcome readers to another edition of The Riddler Report Starring your favorite Gotham Villain The Riddler.

Today’s Segment:

The Riddler Reports on...Christopher Daniels LEAVING TNA FOR ROH

I have to report some sad news today, TNA superstar Christopher Daniels have left TNA Wrestling for ROH. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it has been confirmed that Christopher Daniels was released by TNA earlier this week and explains why he was appearance at Ring of Honor's "Big Bang" PPV. Daniels was released from his TNA contract this past Wednesday. It reported that Daniels was using his old "Fallen Angel" gimmick during his ROH return. 

My thought:

Has I reported earlier today (where u can see here)

It official and more bad news for TNA fans. I would not be surprise if the Motor City Machine Guns leave to and so do other TNA original. Like the old saying goes they don't wanna go down with the sinking ship....

What do you think, readers?

Is this a sign of more bad things do come?

Who do u think will be next?

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