Dallas Cowboys NFL Fantasy Football Predictions

Rodney SouthernCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2008

The Dallas Cowboys have been a great source for NFL fantasy football leagues for several years now. In 2007, the Cowboys held true to form, and provided many viable options to fantasy owners.

After a season in which the Cowboys went 13-3 in the regular season, Dallas seems primed to light up the NFL fantasy football scoreboard yet again in 2008. Let's look at how the Cowboys stack up at the key 2008 NFL fantasy football positions.

Tony Romo has secured his position as the leader for America's Team. While Romo has certainly impressed through his two NFL seasons as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Romo also has fallen apart at crunch time for two straight years. While these late season collapses have not all been on Romo's shoulders, he has contributed to them.

Tony Romo is not the same quarterback in the last month of the NFL season as he is throughout the NFL regular season. This needs to be fixed pronto if he is to step into the 2008 NFL fantasy football quarterbacking elite.

At his best, Tony Romo is as good as it gets in NFL fantasy football at the quarterback position with the exception of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Romo is primed for another solid NFL fantasy football season with the Dallas Cowboys.

At his worst, Tony Romo is still a solid pick that will give you an occasional headache. As far as 2008 NFL fantasy football draft value, put Romo behind only Manning and Brady on your draft chart. The 2008 NFL fantasy football season should be a bit of a breakout year for Romo.

The Cowboys have all the pieces in place for Tony Romo to succeed and he is entering that magical season three for NFL starting quarterbacks. Look for Romo to take a step into the 2008 NFL fantasy football elite.

Running Backs
What took the Dallas Cowboys so long to allow stud running back Marion Barber to carry the load? After using Barber as a goal line battering ram for most of his time in a Dallas Cowboy uniform, he finally got the chance to shine late last season.

The result was Julius Jones being sent packing and Barber inheriting the starting spot going into the 2008 NFL football season. It is about time. Barber has always been a touchdown machine in Dallas, and the Cowboys expect that he will be that and more in 2008.

This should mean much better numbers for Marion Barber and 2008 NFL fantasy football teams across the country. With a fantastic nose for the goal line, he will be a 2008 NFL fantasy football stud for the Cowboys. 

Barber will have some help in the Cowboy backfield for the 2008 NFL football season in the form of two NFL draft picks. Felix Jones is a speed demon out of Arkansas that should be a wonderful change up from Barber and his bruising style. Jones can flat out play, and should make some noise in fantasy football circles in years to come.

The other NFL draft pick for the Cowboy's backfield is Georgia Tech standout Tashard Choice. Choice is a do it all type back that will play prominently in the Dallas backfield as well. Choice slipped in under the radar to a degree and will be much better than expected by Dallas fans.

As far as 2008 NFL fantasy football value, Barber is the only one that rates as a strong buy. Marion should carry the load in big Dallas, and will get his share of touchdowns with this high powered offense.

Expect the youngsters Choice and Jones to take a bit of value from Barber, but not enough to keep him out of your fantasy backfield.

The Dallas Cowboys no longer start and end with Terrell Owens. Owens is certainly a huge part of the Dallas offense, but this is Tony Romo's team. Owens should be another 1200 yard season waiting to happen, and will get his touchdowns like usual, but this year may be the year that Dallas receiver Patrick Crayton breaks out big time. Jason Witten will be brilliant as usual in 2008 NFL fantasy football circles.

Rate Owens near the top of your 2008 NFL fantasy football chart for receivers but expect a slight drop from him. Crayton will elevate to the upper middle tier of the chart and is certainly worth a look in the middle NFL fantasy football rounds.

Witten is a top tier pick at the tight end position. If you can get him, go for it. All other Cowboy receivers are simply not quite ready to step into the fantasy lineups yet.

KickerSecond year man Nick Folk made the Pro Bowl last season as a rookie. This year should be even better. With the offense that Dallas puts on the field, Folk is a great kicker to put in your 2008 NFL fantasy football lineup.