LSU Football 2010 Spring Game: Trying To Down the Perspective Kool-Aid

Chase BowmanContributor IApril 4, 2010

Thousands upon thousands of people tuned in for this public scrimmage, and quite a few even showed up.

When viewed from the abstract, what could possibly be so great about a three-quarter contact matchup between a couple of squads that are, at point blank, full of nothing but a jersey color and a number?

No one really knows, but one thing's clear: whatever little pieces of information we can filch about this mystery team, we have to have it. Whatever puts some liquid in our cup to drink up and help us quench our thirst for any encouraging signs, we're all over it, as we should be.

During the game the commentators incessantly picked out (or tried to at least) what they thought the positives and negatives were. Most of the stuff they chatted about was typical talking-head rubbish, but they did manage to summon a good question about LSU's trenches:

"Is LSU's offensive line really this good or does their defensive line need to get into the weight room this spring?" (Bear in mind, this is a paraphrased version of what they were collectively talking about)

It's really one of those annoying, "Is the glass half-full or half-empty?" idioms. Rece Davis and Jesse Palmer proposed a valid question, but it's too vague—the main criteria for being a talking-head—and we'll only get a true answer come gametime. This kind of mentality is too subjective, as well, so I'll just try to offer some perspective about individual performances.

I'm more concerned with what's in the glass, and if drinking it is worth it, even if we are only in the pre-pubescent stages of the 2010-2011 season.

There were a lot of good and bad signs that came out of the Spring Game, but for the sake of not letting the kool-aid spill over our lips in judging which units need work and which units will be dominant, my M.O. here is to simply list things I noticed about the individuals that participated:


1) DeAngelo Peterson Is a Rare Breed.

He's been overshadowed by Russell Shepard, Rueben Randle, the quarterback situation and coaching problems, but if you saw him play you know what I mean. Reminiscent of a Marques Colston in a bigger frame in the way that he tracked and hauled in the ball over the middle, the 6'4" tight end makes Jarrett Lee look awfully Breesey;


2) His First Initial May Start to Stand For Taser, But Mr. Toliver Looked Good.

His hand might not be comfortable, but his role in the receiving game looked to be in place. Good to see Coach Gonzales has been developing this group the way we all expected;


3) Jarrett Lee Was More Accurate Than Jordan Jefferson Throughout.

With three minutes or so left in the final quarter, however, Les Miles put on his headset and asked for his, "Best quarterback," to take the next possession and run a two-minute drill. Jordan Jefferson took the field, and judging specifically by Les' word choice, Jordan will be taking the field opening day as well;


4) Josh Jasper Is Absolutely Sick.

(I hate talking about the kicking game, but Garrett Hartley's statistics in the Saints' 2009-2010 Super Bowl run is all the justification I need.)

He rarely misses in games during crunch-time, and in the 2010 Spring game, he banged in all three of his attempts including a 57-yarder. After he nailed the longest of the three, Les Miles had a bigger grin on his face than Nick Saban did after hoisting the ultimate prize in 2010;


5) Sam Montgomery Was Impressive.

Two sacks in a scrimmage isn't saying much, but he got attention from the commentators for good reason: he has the ability to be special;


6) Craig Loston Has Some Good Ol' Louisiana Swag To 'em.

Picking off Jarrett Lee isn't exactly something to flaunt about—it does help Loston's case though for starting from day one in 2010 for the Tigers. If I could pick one player that is guaranteed to play on Sundays, Craig Loston is my main man;


7) Michael Ford's Feet Are Like Sweet Music.

Michael reminds me a lot of Marshall Faulk in his style. He's got an eye for how to set up any defender with his quick feet, and although he's not going to challenge Usain Bolt in a race, he's got all the makings to be a perfect fit for LSU—his pass-catching abilities and willingness to block will be major benefits in this offense. With so much depth at the running back position being lost to the NFL, he'll have his chance to shine soon enough;


8) Russell Shepard Has Hands.

His leaping snag in the second half doesn't put him in Percy Harvin territory, but it's one step in the right direction. He did look fluid in everything he did, however, and that kind of catch can only make you happy—for us die-hard speculators, at least.


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