McNabb Traded Within Division..To Washington

Jeff TerryContributor IApril 4, 2010

       When this trade broke I looked at it and said this has to be a late April Fools joke. But no it is very serious and providing some last second happening McNabb is headed to Washington. I thought yeatrading him to Oakland made some sense but trading within division is a big no no. That is one of the ultimate rules in sports never trade within division. Eagles made the move and I hope the Kevin Kolb experiment isn't a short term one.

     Eagles fans have really disrespected him since he got there and year on out they continue to. They never got behind this guy and never will now of course. Being he is the best quarterback they ever had they still never gave him his props and still liked Ron Jaworski over him. Hell even Rocky is more posterized in Philly yet he isn't even real. I am not a McNabb fan never have been and never will but I will admit you gotta respect him for not lashing out at the idiotic fans. I am not attacking Eagle fans no but I am wondering why they never accepted the man.

    Now on to the Redskins I think this was a brilliant move in some ways yet not in other ways. Yes McNabb is a Hall of Famer no doubt but how much does he have left. I do agree Clausen wasn't the answer I am just not sold on him and Sam Bradford is most likely gone as well. Obviously the Skins where not impressed with there 2 day meet with Clausen. Short term I think it is a smart move but long term I am not sure. They must get a long term deal done with McNabb if not he might walk away on them leaving them wasting draft picks and still having a gap at quarterback. Jason Campbell was not the answer and it pretty much points the Redskins into taking a offensive line no doubt now and rightfully so. Because we all know McNabb is not the most durable guy and him taking hits from the blind side isn't gonna be wise.

   This trade really came from left field I think both team did what was needed to be done. I believe both teams might have made good decisions but it might come back to bite them. But every trade is like that and we will see what happens. The McNabb era ends in Philly and begins in Washington while the Kolb era begins hopefully the fans get behind him if he plays good unlike McNabb we shall see.