Bye Bye Donny...We're Gonna Miss You: NOT! McNabb Is Gone!

Judy DavidsonCorrespondent IApril 4, 2010

MIAMI - FEBRUARY 05:  Donovan McNabb QB Philadelphia Eagles co-hosts at James L. Knight Center as part of The 11th Annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebration on February 5, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Super Bowl Gospel)
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Easter Sunday, 2010 - Mark this as the year the Eagles begin to go from good to great!

Here is Donny singing his swan song - so to speak.  The moment we have been waiting for, hot off the press and for those of us smart enough to guess-not to a team that has been rumored.  Off to the Redskins (Deadskins, Foreskins) for a 5th pick in the second round this year and a third or fourth next how his stock has tumbled.  Bet we have to pay someone to take Vick.

What does this mean for the Eagles?  Time to punch up the youth factor here..great young talent needs a great young QB.  McNabb never mentored Kolb and was really not a team player, nor was he a great leader.  This gives the team a chance to flex its collective young muscles and for true leadership to emerge on the field.  Will that be Kolb or DeShawn Jackson, maybe someone yet to emerge?  Kolb gets the spotlight and we see what he can do.  This is a team rebuilding and I am happy to see it.

It is interesting to see Andy Reid make a really good decision for a change.  I may have to retract my previous words and change my opinion.  With a 4 year contract extension this was do or die.  The Iggles would languish for another season just squeaking into the playoffs and Donny's value would continue to drop like a rock. 

This was a team that was always on the verge of a climax as were we as we watched the games....then the cool down once we realized no one would be receiving any satisfaction.  Now we will "Go All the Way!"  Whew - I made need a cigarette after every game this coming season.

E A G L E S....  EAGLES!