WWE Thesaurus. Heel Is Equal To Coward

David BowstonContributor IApril 4, 2010

How many time's have we seen it? A heel is in the ring giving a promo and the hero runs out and the heel backs out and runs with his tail between his legs.

A perfectly good worker, talented heel wins a match by cheating somehow.

An extremely impressive wrestler who happens to be heel gets himself disqualified rather than fighting making us wonder why we forked out the money to watch yet another monstrosity of a PPV.

How many times have we seen Randy Orton, amazing in ring performer vs John Cena, superman and Orton walks off with the title or uses a weapon, slaps the referee, uses the ropes to pin Cena or low blows him before hitting the RKO? Too many times.

Edge in his heel days, again against Cena. WWE refused to let him win cleanly so he was forced to look like a coward.

Same goes for Chris Jericho. Probably the best in ring performer currently in WWE yet rarely wins a match cleanly.

What happened to the heels like Austin who would berate the crowd constantly, recieving heat week in week out but when it came down to business could kick any the ass of any hero.

The Rock in his heel days, he did cheat but never backed down, never scared out of a fight.

Yet Orton, Edge and Jericho, the 3 main heels of recent years act like little girls at the sight of Cena, Triple H or Undertaker.

Now Batista, this monster of a man refuses to fight guys smaller than him, rather hides behind security.

Heels are losing their credibility and need it back. Get heat by having a go at the crowd, taunt cockily, even the odd eye rake but please WWE, stop turning heels into cowards. Bring back the heel we love to hate.