Shad and JTG Break Up, What Will It Lead To?

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer IApril 4, 2010

What’s up all you Bleaches?

Well…..after years of just fooling around, making us laugh, winning matches, losing matches and going absolutely nowhere in the tag team title run, the long and overhauled Cryme Tyme saga has finally come to an end on this week’s episode of Friday night Smackdown.

Everybody who saw this week’s Smackdown will probably remember seeing the match with John Morrison and R-Truth vs Cryme Tyme, where JoMo and R-Truth got the victory after John Morrison did his Starship pain maneuver (which pretty much looks like it doesn’t even hit the opponent most of the time). But one thing that really puzzled me is what happened after the match.

After losing for the ten thousandth time, JTG came in the ring and helped his tag team partner to his feet, then they had a few words. And out of no where Shad grabbed his partner by the throat, in which JTG of course pushed away Shad’s hand and rushed in, full of anger, just to end up getting a taste of Shad’s big boot to his face. After some more physicality, he received a huge STO from Shad, finally ending Cryme tyme after years of achieving squat.

I only have one question though—WHY? It made absolutely no sense breaking up this group because in my opinion, I honestly can’t see them going anywhere far as singles competitors, and they both just don’t have the ’’IT’’ factor in them either to become huge stars as well. Yeah we all know that Vince likes the ‘’Big Man’‘, but even if Shad is around six foot six and might weight 250 plus pounds, he isn’t really all that good on the mic, and doesn’t really have the charisma nor the finesse needed to really connect with the fans.

Then there’s JTG. Yeah he can high-fly with the best of them and he somewhat has the athletic factor, but there isn’t enough seriousness or depth to his character to really get far, and he also lacks in the mic skills department like Shad does. The only thing I see in these guys’ future is to have a feud with each other and end up becoming jobbers.

What do you all think?

That’s it for me Bleaches