Wrestle Mania XXVI-One Of The Best Of All Time-Haters Please Shutup

Chathura PinnawalaContributor IApril 4, 2010

Now all the dust has settled,and the 26th edition of WM has passed us by.Some say it was acceptable,while others pretend it as mediocre,even the worst of all time.Iam about to explain why i think this Wrestle Mania was one of the best while giving counter reasons for those negative opinions.There were 10 matches in the card and 112.40 minutes of Wrestling.There were 5 wins for the faces,while heels won 4[excluding the mainevent as both were faces]which i think is the best ratio.


Actually by looking at it,WWE wanted to give all their performers a time shine at the Grandest stage.That's why they had a battle royal for the ones who missed the card.Even though this match was short,we had some fast paced action.Recently weren't you guys calling for the lost prestige to be given back to tag titles?Even though it was two random tag teams put together,please give them some credit for putting this title match in the card.Mind you,you all bashed the WWE for omitting the tag title match from the card last year.Atleast,they have corrected that mistake.Though it was short,with four proven guys in the ring it was the best way to start.The right team won also.


Did you honestly expect Rhodes or Dibiase to win here?I think they their roles pretty well and now they can feud with eachother.Orton is in a whole new level compared to them.He has been in 3 WM main events-already.With a pedigree like that,I don't think you can book him to lose to 2 guys who are making their Mania debut.


This came as a huge surprise to me.Finally Swagger is getting the push which he richly deserved.He was a very credible ECW Champion&has all the mat wrestling abilities.Now many of you may have had a favourite to win,but after all only one can win.I think they hit the jackpot this time.As for Christian,he doen't need a briefcase to win a title.From the younger lt,Swagger was the only proven guy.You will witness that they made the right decision in the coming weeks.


Many say the winner should have been Sheamus.After all you were the guys who despised the creative when he won the WWE Title right? Now you want him to win against a 13time world champion at the biggest stage?That would be utter disrespect to the title itself.Some argue that Sheamus was made to look weak by the Game.It cannot be further from the truth.It was the ultimate Warrior who didn't sell a single move of the upandcoming Triple H at WMXII.As far as me Triple H did sell the Celtic Warrior's moves damn well.Sometimes it seemed like Sheamus would cause the upset.Sheamus will beat the game in a coming pay-per-view but just not at WM.Overall it was a decent back and forth match&the right man won.


This is the only outcome i have a slight doubt with.But in the eyes of the casual fans what Punk did 2weeks ago at the expense of Mysterio's family was unacceptable.For that Mysterio got his revenge-acceptable right?As for the time alloted they put on a fast paced entertaining match.And i don't think 7 min is too short for a midcard match.


Well,a lot of people call this as a waste of time.Some are even stupid enough call this the "Worst match of All Wrestle Mania's"or Kid Rock moment of this year.Give me a break will you!Bret Hart was in no physical condition to deliver what you want.What,you want the man to die trying?The whole purpose of this match was Montreal97.The fans who call this the worst are spitting at the past.For those who describe this as the Kid Rock moment,i say just get a life!You have no idea who Bret Hart is!It's ok that you started following recently,but before making these kind of stupid comments please study the history of wrestling.And learn to respect the guys who paved the way for superstars who you are supporting now.

Some are unhappy that Bret didn't do it himself.If that happened many of you would call this the most boring match of alltime.The Hart family added a whole new dimension to this.The "Heart Attack"on McMahon was great.Somesay that the angle of Vince buying Hart family was illogical.It was purely created just to eliminate the phrase"Bret screwed Bret".This time it was "Vince screwed Vince"It was all the rage inside him for 13 years which he mercilessly took out on McMahon.It wouldn't seem right,if the match ended in 2 minutes,right?And the promo before the match allowed Vince to say"My Greatest creation of them all,Wrestle Mania".Afterall its because of his genious that we are writing columns right?


I don't think i have to elaborate anything about this one.Everyone praised it.As far as mine,Jericho winning was the icing on the cake.


I don't know what the fuss is about!This was way better than a dominant diva vs babyface diva for the title.We all knew who would win that.This way every diva had a chance.Many called these 3 minutes should have gone to Punk vs Mysterio.I beg to differ!WWE has 2 diva titles.It wont seem right if WM didn't have a diva match,right?    I thought the finish was awesome.Instead of seeing a lame finisher,we saw a "HOG SPLASH".Come on people.Even though it was executed poorly,you have to bear in mind that she was paying homage to her husband.It's not me or you or Rey that deserve that accolade,it's Vickey.Just another thing before i jump to the next match.Iam sick&tired of hearing "I had a bathroom break"during this match.It's irrelevant.Nobody wants to know whether you pissed or not.If you didn't like it just say so.End of the story.


Majority are upset about the result.How in the god's green earth did you expect Batista to win after Jericho won?Iam also a Cena hater.But,you should be happy for atleast one heel won.It was the finish that upset me not the winner.Cena should have won by pinfall.Both heels winning is just not going to happen.If you want to see that,I say become a billionaire,create your own WM,and try it.I bet you,you wont last 3 months in the business.In this case Jericho deserved it.Batista had his moment back in 2005.It was great to see Cena posing with the Cena hater's after the match.


For all the doubter's who thought they can't deliver again,they proved them wrong by a longshot.It was the best finish to a wrestling match you would ever see.It was the most brutal Tombstone ever.It was the swangsong of the greatest wrestler ever lived.This was the guy who made WM what it is today.For a man who delivered 8 Match of the year awards at WM[9th one is one the way]this was the perfect farewell.I can't recall any WM closing in this much emotion.

Now to some factor's which could have made it even better.

i]Jim Ross-Cole is no match to him.Many of your opinions about WM,would be different if he was there.His style is unparelleled.

ii]JBL-As much as i like Striker he's not the perfect heel commentator.Heel voice would have spiced up the things.

iii]Lilian Garcia-I missed her verymuch.The glamour she brought as the lead announcer will forever be missed.

Now iam not a WWE mark.Actually iam far from it.If you check my previous article you will realize it.WWE had a bad outing last year.This year they rectified many mistakes.There was no useless celebrity matches,priority on the night was given to the wrestler's,and as i said earlier the end blew our hearts away.The booking was close to perfect.Please come out of your comfort zones&think realistically.Give the credit due when it is due.

That ends a long article which i was forced prepare just to convince you.I hope i was able to convince some of you.As always please feel free to express a comment.Any type is welcome.