Fall From Grace: TNA and Chris Daniels Part Ways

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIApril 4, 2010

There was a lot of skepticism about Christopher Daniels and TNA as of late. Reports surfaced just a day ago that Daniels was involved in a Ring of Honor show, which was not a huge thing seeing as TNA and ROH reached a deal to let their talent go back there and wrestle.

Thing is, that ROH cannot use them on their TV show with HDNet on Monday Nights. But, the thing is that Daniels arrived to ROH and was used mic wise on their Big Bang PPV.

But, no word has came out that TNA and Daniels had parted ways. So, I couldn't understand why he was there.

In fact, a ton of TNA personalities were shocked that he was there. So it's obvious that Daniels pulled a Baltimore Colts, and sort of left in the night.

Now, it looks like I can confirm, as well as many other sites now have, that Daniels and TNA are officially done with one another.

I am surprised, yet not at the same time. It's weird, I know. Daniels and AJ Styles both have been two of the main people who have gotten others to stay who wanted out, such as Kazarian and Homicide.

So seeing Daniels go is quite surprising in that sense, but not so much when you break things down.

He was main eventing a PPV with his friend AJ Styles one month, then jobbing to Val Venis the next.

He has constantly been misused in TNA, and ever since Hogan and Bischoff arrived and gave jobs to all the worthless talent who couldn't get one anywhere else, people like Daniels have suffered.

Hall and Waltman should have never been hired; them still being there is completely ridiculous.

Orlando Jordan is a freak, at least his gimmick is. I'm not going to go into the first reason why I'm not a fan, but the second is that he is not a great talent anyway, so there was no reason to hire him.

Sean Morley (Val Venis) should never have been hired, especially given a victory over a top name. He left on his own like Daniels, thankfully.

People such as RVD and Jeff Hardy are good pick ups for TNA, RVD more so seeing as Hardy could be gone to jail this time next year. But both take more spotlight away.

Before Daniels and the Nasty Boys were released, which thank God the NBs were seeing as they were never needed in TNA to begin with, TNA had a 70-wrestler roster.

Consequently Creed was also let go recently.

This dude was a great talent, but also used horribly. Could he be ROH-bound too? Let's hope.

There are countless others who are being misused and TNA can't do right when them, because unlike a normal wrestling company, they are bringing in older talent who will last for maybe a year or two while putting down some of their best young talent.

Daniels was one of the best performers there, but didn't see the World Title picture for well over two years before his last title match a few months ago. But, it seemed that he went from main eventing to jobbing again. It just isn't right!

WWE has mentioned that they have a massive interest in him. So, it's possible Daniels could stick around ROH for a little while, then make his way to the WWE, that is if he wants to go there.

With Daniels leaving, does that open the door for other good, young talent to leave? It's possible.

Dixie Carter said before that anyone who doesn't wanna be there can leave. Kinda funny how she says that yet doesn't let some go.

However, seeing as it looks as if she let Daniels out of his deal, some of the others who really wanted to go, now can.

And it's obvious the WWE can use them more than TNA can. They have four shows, and I've been hearing they want a fifth. If that is the case, you gotta know that all these great young talents would do far better in the WWE.

It's funny how one company in TNA claims to be the best out there, yet we see things like this that show they are not.

Looking at the WWE, as much as we don't like seeing some of their guys main eventing, they have talent that can still go. They don't put older guys out there as much anymore if they can't produce.

Vince McMahon knows how to give a good product and use wrestlers. Some may hate the PG idea, that the WWE doesn't do nearly as many high spots as other promotions, the lack of blood, or hardcore matches.

But when you break it down, the business end of all of these things pay off. The lack of blood, hardcore matches, and high spots protect his talent. Why go out and kill yourself when you don't have to?

Sure, go out and give a great match and a high spot or two, but risking your life for one match is like eating a poison apple. It may taste good, but you'll regret it in the long run.

Chair shots to the head were taken out recently to help wrestlers too. Those hardcore, blood thirsty fans can get over not seeing them if you ask me.

The leading problem in older talent is head injuries and some of them, after going through so much head trauma, now have the mind of a five year old at the age of 60. Sad, but true.

Also, think of this on the PG side of things:

TV-14 gives you teens and up, and some younger, but not that much. Crowds see them buying one ticket for them on average.

But then you add the PG part in, and you bring in "families." That's three to four people in the average American home, an additional two to three people.

That equals money. Sorry to the ones spoiled by the Attitude Era, but it's true. Heck, some of you still complain, yet watch anyway.

The WWE is the best place for wrestlers nowadays, it's the main reason people want to go there. TNA is like a WCW or WWE retirement home, or WWE reject home if you will.

The WWE is the better business. Vinny Mac, as much as anyone hates to say it, could be the best businessman in America.

While TNA is not the best place for wrestlers, it's why talent is wanting out, especially many of the originals or those who have been there for some time now, more so the younger talent.

Daniels made the right move, but I'm just saying.


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