Consider This: Favre, the Packers have moved on

Andrew GloverCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2008

Brett Favre as we know is one the greatest National Football League quarterbacks

all-time. He holds records in wins (160), touchdown passes (442), yards passing

(61,655) and consecutive starts (253).

Favre is the only three-time NFL MVP and led Green Bay to their first Super Bowl

win in 1997 since the Vince Lombardi days.


But this quarterback’s decisions this year off-the-field is hurting the Packers and

causing a distraction for them. On March 6 this year, football fans from across the

country had their TV’s on ESPN watching an emotional Brett Favre say his career is

over. In that press conference Favre said he did not have the desire to practice

and prepare like he needed to, to win a Super Bowl.


Ever since that day there have been rumblings about him taking back his

retirement. In late March Favre was having second thoughts about retiring and

called coach Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson to a meeting. The legendary

quarterback decided to stay retired and not comeback. This led the Packers to

prepare Aaron Rodgers to be the starter. The last couple of months it really

started heating up with Favre expressing more of a desire to come back and

asking his release from the Packers.


Consider this. Favre had a great career in Green Bay and is a future hall-of-famer.

But he decided to retire, and had numerous occasions to come back, but still

decided not to. The Packers are doing the right thing by moving forward and letting Aaron Rodgers, who has been Favre’s back-up the last three seasons be the starter. The Packers future is much more certain with Rodgers than it would be if they gave Favre the

reigns back. The Packers were also right in denying Favre’s request to be released

and sign with any team. Now Aaron Rodgers can finally prove himself in the

National Football League.