ASU Starts A New Streak...One & Counting!

Chase TitlemanContributor IApril 4, 2010

Greetings from PK Park in Eugene, Oregon.


Oregon defeats #1 ASU in a 12-Inning, 5.5 Hour Marathon...6-5 on Friday Night.

Welcome to the first ever Game Day Blog for featuring No. 1 Arizona State versus No. 28 Oregon Ducks.

This game marks the rubber match between the two schools following Thursday nights 1-0 victory by Arizona State, not to be out-done by last night’s (or early today…however you wish to term it) rousing marathon affair won by Oregon 6-5.

The Ducks overcame several miscues, especially in the 9th inning as Drew Gagnier struggled with two walks and a base hit in the 9th followed by a strike-three, third out passed ball that sent the runner from third home to tie the game.

However, Rodriguez then threw the ball into left-field trying as the runner on first was running on the pitch, and then RF J.J. Altobelli promptly booted the ball, sending the potential winning run home, as ASU took the lead 6-5.

Rodriguez saved face in the bottom of the inning by ripping a single up the middle, advancing to second on a sacrifice bunt, and then racing home to tie the game on a pinch-hit single by Ryan Hambright later in the inning.

All of this among the rain, sleet, snow and lightning as we sat though three rain delays (totaling over 1 hour and 20 minutes).

The Ducks eventually won the game in the bottom of the 12th, behind a sterling pitching effort from Zack Thornton, a 6′4″ – 210 lb. senior from Oak Park (CA) who side-armed his way to three scoreless innings of relief work to gain the victory.

It was Arizona States’ first loss of 2010, on a night when half the teams in the Top-25 lost.

First pitch coming your way in just a few moments.


Oregon Catcher Eddie Rodriguez goes from "goat To hero" For Oregon in last nights 6-5 Victory over ASU...a 12-inning 5.5 hour marathon that featured Lightning, Snow, Rain, Sleet & Hail!

Starting Line-up For Arizona State (24-1, 4-1)

  1. SS Drew Maggi  .392 (5 Doubles, 1 Triple, 1 HR, 19 RBI, 23 Runs Scored)
  2. 2B Zack MacPhee  .434 (3 Doubles, 9 Triples, 3 HR, 29 RBI, 30 Runs Scored)
  3. RF Kole Calhoun .266 (4 Doubles, 2 Triples, 3 HR, 24 RBI, 19 Runs Scored)
  4. 1B Riccio Torrez  .374 (11 Doubles, 1 Triple, 4 HR, 21 RBI, 24 Runs Scored)
  5. LF Matt Newman  .287 (11 Doubles, 1 Triple, 2 HR, 19 RBI, 20 Runs Scored)
  6. DH Zach Wilson  .416 (11 Doubles, 2 Triples, 2 HR, 23 RBI, 22 Runs Scored)
  7. CF Johnny Ruettiger  .348 (3 Doubles, 2 Triples, 0 HR, 12 RBI, 17 Runs Scored)
  8. C Jordan Swagerty  .375 (3 Doubles, 0 Triples, 0 HR, 1 RBI, 4 Runs Scored)
  9. 3B Raoul Torrez  .254 (4 Doubles, 1 Triple, 1 HR, 16 RBI, 17 Runs Scored)

Starting Pitcher for ASU:  Jake Borup 2.14 ERA (5-0, Opponents Batting Average .205, 36 K / 8 BB

First Inning:

1.  Drew Maggi (SS):  Pops Out to Oregon 2B Danny Pulfer on an 0-2 Count…1 out.

2.  Zach MacPhee grounds a high chopper between the pitcher and first base and it’s auspiciously ruled a hit by the Oregon score keeper.  Runner on first…one out, which brings up Kole Calhoun who’s had a great series thus far for Arizona State.

3.  RF Kole Calhoun: After a steady diet of pick off attempts on Drew Maggi, Kole flies out to RF…Two outs in the inning.

4.  1B Riccio Torrez: Drew Maggi steals second base on a throw sailing wide into CF by Oregon C Eddie Rodriguez…reminds me of last night’s 9th inning episode.  Torrez takes strike three on a nice low inside fast ball by Keudell who has excellent arm-side run.  Oregon coming to bat.

After a half inning in Eugene…ASU 0 – Oregon coming to bat!

Ducks up in the bottom of the 1st:

1.  SS KC Serna  .352 (5 Doubles, 1 Triple, 0 HR, 16 RBI, 18 Runs Scored): KC Walks on five pitches…the most pitches I’ve ever seen the free swinging KC Serna take in his Oregon career…great at bat to start the game.

2. LF Marcus Piazzisi  .273 (4 Doubles, 0 Triples, 2 HR, 16 RBI, 21 Runs Scored): KC Serna steals second base on a 2-1 ball to Piazzisi, count rolls to 3-1, no outs…Piazzisi drives a single up the middle on a 3-2 count for the first run of the day…Oregon leads 1-0.

3.  2B Danny Pulfer  .327 (7 Doubles, 0 Triples, 0 HR, 13 RBI, 22 Runs Scored): Pulfer drives a double to the gap in RF, Piazzisi scores, and on the throw to the plate, Pulfer advances to 3B with some heads up baserunning…0 Outs, Ducks lead 2-0.

4.  C Eddie Rodriguez  .372 (4 Doubles, 0 Triples, 2 HR, 23 RBI, 18 Runs Scored): Eddie drives a high hop to 1B off the turf no less for his 24th RBI of the year and Oregon leads 3-0 with one out in the bottom of the first inning.

5.  3B J.J. Altobelli  .301 (5 Doubles, 1 Triple, 0 HR, 17 RBI, 17 Runs Scored): Bounces a 2-2 pitch to 2B for the second out in the inning.

6.  1B Jack Marder  .211 (3 Doubles, 0 Triples, 3 HR, 16 RBI, 17 Runs Scored): On a 3-2 pitch, Marder  takes strike 3 called on the outside corner.  Three runs on two hits, nobody left on base.

After 1 complete:  Oregon 3 – ASU 0

Top of the second:  ASU at Bat!

5.  LF Matt Newman (.287): Walks on five pitches…no outs, runner on 1B.

6.  DH Matt Wilson (.416): Wilson flairs a single to shallow right field…runners on first and second with nobody out…possible bunt time for the Devils.

7.  CF Johnny Ruettiger (.348): Rudy shows bunt for ball one…tries to lay one down but misses for strike one and the count rolls even at 1-1…Rudy rips a tailing line drive to left and Piazzisi makes a great lunging catch for out number one…runners fail to advance.

8.  C Jordan Swagerty (.375): Swagerty drives a single to CF scoring Newman from second and the runners will be on the corners with one-out…Oregon 3 – ASU 1.

9.  3B Raoul Torrez (.254): Torrez strikes out chasing 1-2 breaking ball in the dirt (or rubber Field Turf Pellets, however you want to define it).

1.  Drew Maggi (.392): Hit and Run single to right for Maggi, but Ruettiger is out sliding past the bag at 3B…something we see a lot of on the wet “Field Turf” surface here at the U of O.  Good teams answer the bell immediately and after giving up three in the first, ASU answers with two in the second.

After 1 and 1/2 Innings in Eugene:  Oregon 3 – ASU 2

7. DH Shawn Peterson (.375, 2 Doubles, 0 Triples, 0 HR, 10 RBI, 5 Runs Scored): After working the count full, Peterson strikes out on a called strike three.  One out in the Inning:

8.  Jett Hart  .250 (1 Double, 1 Triple, 0 HR, 1 RBI, 4 Runs Scored): A 6-3 weak ground out for the second out as Hart ques a ball off the end of the bat.

9.  RF Curtis Raulinaitis  .230 (3 Doubles, 1 Triple, 1 HR, 14 RBI, 16 Runs Scored): Drives a ball up the middle and beats the throw from a sliding second baseman Zack MacPhee, who made a dazzling effort on the play.  Two outs, runner on first.

1.  KC Serna (.352):  Even a pitch-out couldn’t keep Raulinaitis from stealing 2B.  Two outs, runner in scoring position at 2B. KC hits a routine fly out to CF…0 Runs, one infield hit, one man left on base, no errors in the inning.

After 2 Complete in Eugene:  Oregon 3 – ASU 2.

2. 2B Zack MacPhee (.434): Strikes out swinging on three pitches…one out in the Inning.

3. RF Kole Calhoun (.266): Calhoun drives a single to left-center for his fourth hit of the series.  The smooth hitting RF with a 60 arm is continuing his great series today.

4. 1B Riccio Torrez (.374): Torrez, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is struggling this series with 6 K’s, two for 11 in the hitting department and grounds into yet another inning ending 5-4-3 Double Play…0 Runs, one hit, Nobody left on base….After two and 1/2 Innings:  Oregon 3 – ASU 2.

Oregon at Bat in the bottom of the 3rd:

2. Marcus Piazzisi (.273): Tries to lay down a drag attempt but the ball rolls foul…and ends up striking out looking later in the at-bat.

3. 2B Danny Pulfer (.327): Good piece of hitting by Pulfer, slicing a line drive through the 4-hole on a low slider out and away…the only thing he could have done with that pitch.  One out, Runner on first Base.

4.  C Eddie Rodriguez (.372): After a 10 minute at-bat, in which Rodriguez fouled off 9 straight pitches, Pulfer steals second base on a 2-2 breaking ball low and away with no throw…3-2 count and Rodriguez pops out to shallow RF.  Two outs, Runner in scoring position on 2B.

5. J.J. Altobelli (.301): J.J. shoots a tailing line drive to shallow right field for the third out in the inning.  0 Runs on one hit, one man left on base, 0 errors in the inning.

After 3 Complete:  Oregon 3 – ASU 2

Top of the 4th:  ASU at bat.

5.  LF Matt Newman (.287): Newman bounces the first pitch to 1B Jack Marder for a 3-U unassisted out at 1B.  One out.

6.  DH Zach Wilson (.416): The clouds are rolling in on a blustery day as a light rain starts to fall.  Newman draws a walk on a 3-2 breaking ball low and away.

7.  CF Johnny Ruettiger (.348): Struggling Rudy bounces into a 3-U-6 Double-Play.  The nephew of infamous Rudy Ruettiger, the un-talented walk on who made a name for himself at Notre Dame, portrayed in the movie “RUDY,” has really struggled this series.  The fleet-footed CF has one hit in the series with three K’s.

After 3 and 1/2:  Oregon 3 – ASU 2.

Ducks At-bat in the Bottom of the 4th Inning:

6.  1B Jack Marder (.211): Marder is doing quite nicely for Oregon in his freshman season.  If not for a high ankle sprain in the fall, Marder would likely be Oregon’s starting Catcher, moving Eddie Rodriguez to 1B.  Marder smokes a sinking line drive to CF that is caught by Ruettiger…One out in the Inning.

7.  DH Shawn Peterson (.375): Although hitting .375 on the year, Peterson has looked over-matched much of this series against the ultra-talented pitching from ASU.  In talking with several scouts yesterday, what jumps out as the difference maker with the Devils is arm-after-arm coming out of that bullpen.  Peterson is out on a weak ground ball to SS Drew Maggi for the second out of the Inning.

8.  Jett Hart (.250): Jett drives an 0-1 triple to right center that just grounded out of the reach of Second-baseman Zack MacPhee.  Hart is one of the fastest players on Oregon’s team as the ball didn’t even make it to the wall in Right-center field, yet he legged a triple.  Two outs, Runner on 3B.

9.  RF Curtis Raulinaitis (.230): Although he doesn’t show you much of an arm, Drew Maggi has had a busy time this series as he has made all the routine plays at short as Raulinaitis grounds out on another play involving Maggi.  0 Runs on one hit, one man left on Base, 0 Errors in the Inning:

After 4 Complete in Eugene:  Oregon 3 – ASU 2

Devils Coming To Bat in the Top of the 5th:

8.  C Jordan Swagerty (.375): Swagerty may be the only catcher in the country who will enter the game in a closer situation after squatting for 7-to-8 full innings.  He strikes out to start the inning.

9.  3B Raoul Torrez (.254): Torrez hits a weak pop up behind the bag at 2B and Pulfer throws the ball into the turf where Marder fails to pick him up.  Once again, the Oregon scorekeeper inauspiciously records it a hit.  The Ducks should have had their fourth error on the day.

1.  SS Drew Maggi (.392): Torrez moves into scoring position on a wild pitch and a pitch later, Maggi grounds out to 3rd Baseman, J.J. Altobelli.  Two outs, Runner on 2B.

2.  2B Zack MacPhee (.434): MacPhee strikes out looking for third out in the Inning.  0 Runs on one inauspicious hit and one man left on base.

After 4 and 1/2 Innings:  Ducks 3 – Devils 2

Bottom of the 5th:

1.  SS KC Serna (.352): The free swinging first pitch hitter promptly pops a shallow fly to LF, right on cue to the laughter in press row.  one out for Oregon.

2.  LF  Marcus Piazzisi (.273): Marcus goes deep fly to straight away CF for the second out in the Inning.

3.  2B Danny Pulfer (.327): Pulfer goes deep fly to Left-center-field for the final out in the inning and that may be all for starting pitcher Jake Borup as the Ducks are starting to figure out Borup.

After 5 Complete in Eugene:  Ducks 3 – Devils 2.

Top of the 6th:  ASU

Devils coming to bat in the 6th at the backdrop of “Take It Easy,” by the Eagles…

3.  RF Cole Calhoun (.266): Kole has put together some nice at-bats this series as he is silky-smooth at the plate and the ball really jumps off his bat, however, he is only hitting .266 for a reason and Kole waste’s the at-bat by chasing a pitchers pitch out of the zone for a potential 6-3, but Oregon SS KC Serna throws low and will be assessed an error…his 10th of the year, and in what should be Oregon’s fifth error of the day, although only three are assessed on the board due to the friendly Oregon scorekeeper.  Runner on 1B, no Outs in the Inning.

4.  1B Riccio Torrez (.374): Torrez smokes a hit-and-run to CF and we have runners on the corners with no outs…ASU is in business!

5.  LF Matt Newman (.287): Grounds into a perfectly executed 6-4-3 Ham and Egger, but the tying run from 3B scores.  3-3 Ball game folks!

4.  DH Zach Wilson (.416): Wilson K’s to end the 6th.

After 5 and 1/2 Innings at PK Park…Oregon 3 – ASU 3!

Bottom of the 6th:  Oregon At-bat:

4.  C Eddie Rodriguez (.372): Jake Borup continues to pitch for the Devils…Rodriguez is hit by a 2-2 inside fastball.  Runner on 1B, no outs!

5.  3B J.J. Altobelli (.301): J.J. tries to go hit and run on the first pitch, but bangs it foul…then misses a bunt attempt on the second pitch, now behind 0-2 to Borup and smokes a sinking liner to 2B that doubles up Rodriguez at 1B…two outs in the Inning.

6.  1B Jack Marder (.211): Marder cues a ball to SS Drew Maggi, which breaks the core end of the bat and Oregon goes 1-2-3 in the sixth.

Score tied at 3!

Top of the 7th:  ASU At-bat:

7. CF Johnny Ruettiger (.348): Flies out to LF for the first out of the inning.

8.  C Jordan Swagerty (.375): Base hit to RF for Swagerty.  Runner on first, no outs.

9.  3B Roaul Torrez (.254): Oregon guesses right on a pitch-out but Eddie Rodriguez throws the ball into CF…could prove costly later in the game, and Oregon is really struggling in the catching department.  Torrez hits a 2-2 fastball to CF driving in Swagerty and ASU takes the lead 4-3.  Runner on 2B, one out in the inning.

1.  SS Drew Maggi (.392): Maggi walks as the Oregon bullpen gets busy and out comes pitching coach Andrew Checketts for a long visit on the mound.  One out, runners on first and second…4-3 Devils.

2.  2B Zack MacPhee (.434): MacPhee swings through a hit and run, but Rodriguez, obviously struggling on the day, muffs the exchange and now runners are at second and third with the infield in.  Potential big inning for the Devils.  MacPhee strikes out for the second out and Rodriguez started towards the dugout thinking it was the third out of the inning.

Alex Keudell leaves after 6.2 innings giving up four runs (three earned) on seven hits, six K’s and three Bases on balls.  On the year, Keudell sports a 2.87 ERA and a 4-1 record (42 K / 11 BB, now becomes 48 K’s / 14 BB).

On to pitch for Oregon is Christian Jones, 1-1 with a 2.89 ERA (7 K’s / 4 BB).

3.  RF Cole Calhoun (.266): Calhoun rips a “hanging” 0-1 curve-ball into right field for a 2 RBI single and the Devils have opened the flood gates, now leading 6-3.  Runner on 1B, two outs in the Inning.

4.  1B Riccio Torrez (.374): Torrez flies out to RF to end the inning.  The Devils get three runs on three hits, one error and one man left on base.

After 6 and 1/2 in Eugene, ASU 6 – Oregon 3.

Ducks coming to bat:

7. Dylan Gavin (.273, 3 RBI, 3 Runs Scored) hitting for Peterson: He bounces an 0-1 breaking ball back to the pitcher for out No. 1.

8.  Jett Hart (.250): Hart strikes out weakly on a slide piece in the dirt and its two away in the bottom of the seventh.

9.  RF Curtis Raulinaitis (.230): Borup continues to get stronger throughout the day amid what is now a driving rain shower.  Oregon’s Field-Turf allows them to play in all weather conditions as the only dirt on the whole field is within the circle on the mound.  Curtis drives a sharp grounder through the six-hole and the Ducks have a man on in the 7th.

1.  KC Serna (.352): KC hits an excuse me slow grounder to the pitcher and the Ducks go silently in the seventh.  ASU has taken command of the game and with a solid bullpen, the chances are dim for an Oregon comeback.

After 7 Complete:  ASU 6 – Oregon 3

5. LF Matt Newman (.287): Jones continues to struggle with his command, but gets out of a 3-1 jam when Newman lines out to LF.  One out in the inning.

6.  DH Zach Wilson (.416): Wilson hits a sky-high fly ball to RF for the second out in the inning.

7.  CF Johnny Ruettiger (.348): Rudy continues to struggle as he hits a weak chopper back to Christian Jones on the mound and we go to the bottom of the eighth:  ASU 6 – Oregon 3.

We lost our feed momentarily, but the Devils went quietly, (1-2-3) in the Top of the eighth so we are headed to the bottom of the inning with Marcus Piazzisi at bat.

2. LF Marcus Piazzisi (.273): Lines out to SS Drew Maggi – One out in the Inning.

3. 2B Danny Pulfer (.327): Pulfer drives a single to CF – One out, Runner on 1B.

New Pitcher for the ASU is No. 99 Jake Barrett, a 6′-4″ Freshman from Mesa (AZ).

4.  Pinch Hitter for Eddie Rodriguez (Ryan Hambright) flies out to CF for the second out.

5.  3B J.J. Altobelli (.372): J.J. swings at a ball way outside the zone and the Ducks are down to their final three outs.  Not a good at-bat for J.J. after Pulfer advanced into scoring position on a balk call.

After 8 Complete:  ASU 6 – Oregon 3

Top of the 9th:  ASU At-bat

New pitcher for Oregon is Sophomore Madison Boer out of Eden Prairie (MN) 2.60 ERA, 20 K’s / 4 BB’s):

8.  C Jordan Swagerty (.375): Swagerty bounces a 1-0 fastball to Oregon SS KC Serna who throws high once again to 1B, but the tag is placed on Jordan for the first out of the inning.

9.  3B Raoul Torrez (.254): Torrez chases a high fastball and strikes out on a 2-2 count.  Two outs in the Inning.

1.  SS Drew Maggi (.392): Danny Pulfer made a great play deep up the middle behind the bag at 2B, but his throw moves up the line and the Devils have a man on with two outs.

2.  2B Zack MacPhee (.434): Maggi steals second base on the first pitch from Boer and MacPhee pulls the next pitch through the four hole and the Devils lead 7-3.  Runner on 1B, two outs in the Inning.  The Ducks appeal the call at 3B, but Maggi clearly stepped on the bag.

3. RF Kole Calhoun (.266): MacPhee is thrown out at 2B on a pitch-out by Paul Eshleman.  Finally, Oregon throws a runner out without a circus event breaking out at a baseball game.

After 8 and 1/2:  ASU 7 – Oregon 3.

Bottom of the 9th Inning:  Oregon At-bat

6. 1B Jack Marder (.211): Pops out foul right in front of the Oregon dugout, falling into the arms of head coach George Horton.  One out.

7. C Mitch Karraker (.238): Karraker lines the first pitch into LF for the second out of the inning.  Ducks down to their final out.

8.  Jett Hart (.250): Strike three, ball in the dirt and Hart is thrown out by ASU catcher Jordan Swagerty to end the game.


Final thoughts coming up in the next article, but first some scores around the country.

In the ACC:

  • Georgia Tech 10 – Duke 0 (third)
  • Virginia Tech 4 – Florida St 1 (third)
  • Clemson 4 – Boston College 0 (second)
  • UNC 11 – Maryland 4

In the SEC:

  • Georgia 7 – LSU 4 (sixth)
  • Florida 7 – Vandy 3 (eighth)
  • Arkansas 10 – Kentucky 1
  • Tennessee 3 – Ole Miss 2 (seventh)
  • Mississippi St 6 – S. Carolina 3 (seventh)
  • Auburn 4 – Alabama 3 (seventh)

In the Big-12:

  • Texas 9 – Oklahoma 3
  • Texas A&M 8 – Kansas 8 (Travel Rule Time Limit)
  • Kansas State 10 – Texas Tech 6
  • Baylor 20 – Missou 6
  • Nebraska 9 – Oklahoma State 2

In the PAC-10:

  • UCLA 6 – Stanford 3 (6th)
  • Oregon State 4 – USC 3
  • California 8 – Arizona 0
  • Washington 5 – WSU 5 (11th)

Soggy Duck fans battled the elements this weekend and witnessed some great baseball as No. 1 ASU took two-of-three from Horton's Crew.


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