The Big Breakdown: Breaking Down Each Regular Season Game for Alabama

L.C. May@lcmay474Correspondent IApril 4, 2010

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 05:  Head coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrates after their 32-13 win over the Florida Gators in the SEC Championship at Georgia Dome on December 5, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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For a die-hard fan, the college football offseason is the hardest time of the year. The only thing that can hold them off is spring practice. If you're a true fan, you look at the upcoming schedule and breakdown each game.

The time has come where I cannot wait any longer so I am going to break down each regular season game. I will rate it on a level of difficulty and description of the game. It will be based on a scale of 1-10.

Game 1: San Jose State / Level of Difficulty: 2

San Jose State broke my record for lowest level of difficulty. I never believed of rating someone below three ever since Louisiana-Monroe upset Alabama in 2007.

I had no choice, with San Jose State coming off a 2-10 season and after firing former coach Dick Tomey, it would be impossible for San Jose State to upset the defending national champion.

On top of all this, it will be the grand opening of Alabama's newly expanded stadium which is going to make the stadium even louder. Alabama will win this game with ease.

Game 2: Penn State / Level of Difficulty: 7.5

Some people would think this game deserves a higher rating. Well, I can see where those people are coming from. It is the first real test for Alabama.

Penn State plays harder and harder every year because they know Joe Paterno will not be there much longer. This game will be sold out and one of the loudest games a fan can hear.

Penn State fans and Alabama fans are the most dedicated fans in the country, so the crowd will be a factor. Alabama will trail early, get ahead before halftime, and make the game out of reach in the fourth quarter.

Game 3: Duke / Level of Difficulty: 6

Now some people would disagree with this rating because of the football background Duke has had. Duke has always been a basketball college.

This year it is going to be a different story. Duke is coming off a 5-7 season with a very good coach in David Cutcliffe. Duke is going to be one of those Cinderella stories this year, and Alabama is playing at Duke.

Duke is going to give it all they got and make it tough the whole game. Alabama will pull the game out by the end of the third quarter.

Game 4: Arkansas / Level of Difficulty: 7 1/2

Alabama kicks off SEC play with Arkansas. There are two people that put Arkansas this high in the ratings. Those two people are Bobby Petrino and Ryan Mallet. Mallet is a potential Heisman candidate and Arkansas wants Alabama bad.

Since Alabama is the defending national champion, every team is going to give all they got to upset Alabama.

Arkansas is one of the main contenders for the SEC West, and for the first time in three years, the Alabama vs. LSU game will not be the decider for who goes to the SEC Championship.

This game will decide who will win the SEC West. Alabama will win with a late touchdown or field goal.

Game 5: Florida / Level of Difficulty: 9

Florida also broke a record in my level of difficulty list. This is the highest I have ranked a team in any list I have ever made. I did this because this game is going to be pure passion because Florida wants payback.

Florida wants Alabama so bad that they might actually be the underdog in the game. I know Florida has a new quarterback in John Brantley, but John Brantley is a very talented quarterback.

The game will go back and forth. In the end Alabama will pull away a slim victory.

Game 6: South Carolina / Level of Difficulty: 7

Last year's game was very special for the Alabama nation. Not only was it one of the closest games all season, it was also Mark Ingram's breakout game. South Carolina, like Florida, wants revenge.

They are going to put up their best game of the season as well as every other team will.

This is going to be the game that decides if Alabama can stay undefeated the whole season. It is going to be a tough fight, but like many other games Alabama will be victorious when the clock hits zero.

Game 7: Ole Miss / Level of Difficulty: 5.5

Ole Miss was suppose to be one of the top teams in the country this past year. Unfortunately they showed the country they were just a bust. Ole Miss is still going to be a competitive team because of the coaching skills of Houston Nutt.

Ole Miss, I believe, will actually jump ahead early. At the beginning of the second quarter, Alabama will start to make the game out of reach. I also have a feeling Mark Ingram will have one of his best games of the season against Ole Miss.

Game 8: Tennessee / Level Of Difficulty: 5

Even though the game is at Tennessee, I think that new head coach Derek Dooley will have troubles during his first season.

He will do fine in his later seasons, not in his first season unfortunately. Alabama will jump out early which will bring Tennessee's confidence down.

With no good motivator, Tennessee will not be able to catch back up and Alabama will win.

Game 9: LSU / Level of Difficulty: 8

I predicted Arkansas to finish higher in the SEC west standings than LSU would. Yet I believe LSU will be a tougher game than Arkansas.

For two years in a row, Alabama has beaten LSU to win the SEC West. On top of that, Nick Saban used to be the head coach of LSU. This brings bad blood between the two teams.

This will also most likely be a night game in Tiger Stadium. Just that makes the game tough enough. LSU and Alabama will stay neck and neck until Alabama pulls it out in the end.

Game 10: Mississippi State / Level of Difficulty: 6.5

This will be the season Dan Mullen shows he has what it takes to be a head coach. It will not be his best season considering he still has to find the players he wants to fill in the gaps in his spread offense.

He will try to throw trickery at Alabama. The stingy defense of Alabama will stop whatever Mississippi State throws at Alabama. Alabama will get ahead and stay ahead the whole game.

Game 11: Georgia State / Level of Difficulty: 2.5

I know it seems unfair to put a higher ranking on Georgia State than on San Jose State. I just feel like this game will be more interesting because we will see our second string play this game.

It is hard to predict a score because it all depends on when Nick Saban puts his second string in.

Game 12: Auburn / Level of Difficulty: 7

Auburn is the hardest game to predict because I do not believe there is a person out there who can predict the outcome to a Iron Bowl game.

The outcome will be Alabama on top. I think this simply because Gene Chizik is going to crack and show the coaching side he showed at Iowa State.


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