The 2010 Draft Lottery.

Martin FoxxContributor IApril 3, 2010

It is almost time for the WWE Draft 2010. Usually it is in April or June. So hoping that it is in April I am going to write about it.

There are so many great superstars in the WWE at the minute and all of them deserve to be pushed very hard. 

Personally I think that John Morrison is the one to watch. If not John Morrison, then Kofi Kingston or Dolph Ziggler.

I am going to give 7 people of each show in which I think should be drafted.

1. John Morrison.
2. Dolph Ziggler
3. Drew MacIntyre
4. Kane
5. Shad
6. Edge
7. Shelton Benjamin.

I have chosen these 7 people for RAW simply because of their talent.

I have chosen John Morrison for RAW because he has nearly done everything he has had to do on SmackDown.

I have chosen Dolph Ziggler for RAW because I see big things for him at this time and RAW is the place to be.

I have chosen Drew MacIntyre for RAW because he is Vince McMahon's hand picked superstar and since RAW is Vince McMahon's baby, why not just send him over there?

I have chosen Kane to go to RAW for the main reason being that RAW has always been Kane's show. Kane is more at home on RAW. If Kane is worked with the right way this time, then he can do big things on RAW. If he is turned into the psychopath he used to be then there will be title opportunity one after the other.

I have chosen Shad because now that he has went his separate way from JTG, there are going to be big things for him seeing as how he is big and tall. So why not start Shad's new character out fresh by putting him over on RAW?

I have chosen Edge to go to RAW because it has been 3 years since Edge has been on RAW and since he is now a face, why not have him go to RAW and start over?

I have chosen Shelton Benjamin to go to RAW simply because it's about time the WWE started to use Shelton Benjamin's talent and stop taking it for granted. Let's be honest, he deserves a major push! He's been there since 2003 and he's never actually been in the spotlight. He has been in nearly ALL of the Money In The Bank Ladder matches and I think he deserves to win at least one of them. 

1. Christian
2. Sheamus
3. Evan Bourne
4. Kofi Kingston
5. Ted DiBiase
6. Cody Rhodes
7. Chris Masters

I have chosen Christian to go to SmackDown because in my opinion, he could do big things over there. Lets look at like this, on RAW he will be feuding with the likes of The Miz, Carlito, or people like that. I don't think that there is much on RAW for him.

I have chosen Sheamus to go to SmackDown because of what he has done on RAW so far. He has already been the WWE champion, he has ended careers and he has had a huge push. Now on SmackDown, he could win the World Heavyweight Championship and he could get involved with bigger people, such as The Undertaker.

3. I have chosen Evan Bourne because of his in ring ability. SmackDown is all about in ring ability and that is something that Evan Bourne definitely has. On RAW he doesn't get used for much. Remember the whole Hornswoggle thing, of how he helped him out week after week? On SmackDown he could challenge new people, and we could see a new side to Evan Bourne. Could you Imagine Evan Bourne Vs CM Punk?

4. Kofi Kingston is a huge favourite of mine to go to SmackDown. This is because I feel that we would see a new side to Kofi. On RAW he got a minor push when he feuded with Randy Orton towards the end of 2009. On SmackDown he could do big things. Imagine Kofi Kingston Vs Chris Jericho? That could be huge, and not only would it be huge, it would be a major push for Kofi if it was done right this time.

5 & 6. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. I am going to put these two together, this is because I feel the same feelings for both of them, so rather than have you read the same thing twice, I will just say all I have to say now. Both of these superstars have done all they can do on RAW. It is time they had new competition, even if it has to be with each other. On SmackDown they could do big things. Ted DiBiase gets more attention than Cody does, but in fairness, Ted is much more mature in the ring that Cody is.

7. I have chosen Chris Masters to go to Smackdown so that he can hopefully get a good push and actually mean something to the WWE rather than just move his chest all day. If they can't push him, then why keep him?