My Favorite Carolina Memory

Matt SmithSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2008

When peopled asked me what my favorite Carolina Basketball memory was I always reverted back to a Duke/UNC games in 2003.  Carolina pulled out a win that day, they year after a horrendous 8-20 season, and Head Coach Matt Doherty almost fought a Duke Assistant Coach.

That to me showed the passion Carolina Basketball brings out in people.

But last Friday my favorite Carolina moment changed.  I got to experience something I believe every UNC fan should share in at least once in their lives.

I got to visit the new North Carolina Basketball Museum.

From the moment you walk in the atmosphere is electrifying.  The 2007 ACC Tournament trophy is set up to the left of the door and as you move into the first room a video entitled "Game Day" shows you what all the emotions felt by Tar Heel players the day of a game.

As you move into the main room. you see cases upon cases of Carolina memorabilia.  You think you know about the Carolina tradition but until you see almost 100 years worth of tradition sprawled out in front you, you realize you never completely understood what it meant to be a Carolina fan.

The jerseys of past greats like Vince Carter, Eric Montross, and Raymond Felton all line the walls with stories for their accomplishments for all the fantastic guards, forwards, and centers that graced the UNC hardwood over the years.

Roy Williams and Dean Smith's Hall of Fame rings and National Coach of the Year awards sit in one case while Bill Gutheridge's ten, count them ten, championship and Final Four rings adorn another.

And then in another case sits the memorabilia of the greatest Tar Heel of all, Michael Jordan.  Along with his Carolina and Dream Team jersey sits his rejection letter to Duke, letting them know that he was no longer interested in Coach K and his program.  That letter alone was worth the hour and a half drive!

As you move into the next room you realize that its the championship room.  All 17 of the Tar Heel's ACC Championships are on display, minus the 2008 Championship, and there are many Final Four plaques as well.

But the greatest part of the museum are the five national titles in the final room.  The four NCAA titles and the one Helm's title all sit on in a row held up high for all to see. 

All of the Tar Heel's championships are there for you to enjoy yourself; to suck up every ounce of pride that you know that comes with being a Carolina fan.

It is simply breath taking.

I could never do the museum justice in words, it is just simply something you must experience yourself.

But I will never forget my favorite Carolina moment because when I visited the museum, no one single favorite Carolina moment was experienced, but every Carolina memory I ever had was put into one place for not only me to experience, but anyone who has ever called them-self a Carolina fan.


Carolina Basketball Museum