UFC: Mike Swick Must Reinvent Himself to Remain Relevant

Sports WriterCorrespondent IApril 3, 2010

Mike Swick stands at the UFC precipice.

He has lost his last two fights and knows that a third consecutive loss would leave him on the verge of UFC extinction.

If he is letting the pressure get to him it doesn't show, as he appears relaxed and laid back on holiday in Phuket while awaiting arm surgery.

"The fight against Dan Hardy was the worst performance of my career, everything went wrong and I deserved to lose. In my last fight, against Paulo Thiago, I fought better and just got caught. Sometimes you can fight well and still lose, that’s what makes this sport so tough," he says.

Swick would like a rematch with Hardy but knows he is not currently in a position to ask for one.

He admits to being surprised by just how good the Englishman was saying, "He was better at some things than I had suspected, and he had obviously done his homework. He times those punches perfectly and rocked me a couple of times."

Swick believes that after five years in the UFC, he is in danger of becoming predictable, and this is something he's looking to address before he fights again.

"I won my first five fights in the UFC but the standard has gone up so much since then and the guys do so much homework. I need to change my stand up because the stand up I was using before isn’t working so well now. I need to be more patient and not come in with my chin up. I just have to change my style because people are prepared for it," he says.

There was little opportunity for Swick to change his style before either of his last two fights, which were both taken on short notice.

When he recovers from arm surgery he hopes to emerge from his next training camp at the American Kickboxing Academy a different fighter.

In the meantime, he and his friend Roger Huerta have been enjoying their holiday in Phuket.

Despite being a veteran traveller who has been coming to Thailand since 2000, Swick still managed to crash his motorcycle, which can be seen along with footage of him eating fried insects on his youtube channel.

As for what's next, he had this to say, "MMA is my passion, but I can’t imagine fighting anywhere other than the UFC. I will fight whoever the UFC wants me to fight, I just want to get back on the winning track."