Are the Philadelphia Eagles Throwing in the Towel for the 2010 Season?

WesAnalyst IApril 3, 2010

Nearly every transaction, trade rumor, and failed free agent signing has left Eagles fans saying, “What is this team trying to do?”


The answer may be that the Eagles are bagging the 2010 season and already looking forward to 2011.


The thought may sound foolish and the assessment may be jumping the gun way too early, but the way things are setting up there is reason to believe this is true.


To start things off, the Eagles have not brought in one impact defensive player to help fill the many voids on defense. If this team was serious about winning in 2010 they would have addressed the weaknesses at defensive end, safety, and linebacker. Instead, they try to pawn off players like safety Marlin Jackson and defensive end Darryl Tapp as solutions.


No one is buying it.


So how does this provide evidence they are building for 2011?


Think about the fact that the Eagles are savvy when it comes to money. No one can deny that the Eagles understand the financial aspect of the NFL as well as, if not better than, any team in the league. So would you be surprised if they knew something we didn’t about an impending lockout in 2011? Would you be surprised if they had inside information about the structure of the next salary cap?


Maybe, just maybe they are setting up all of these pieces right now in order to give the Eagles a chance to legitimately fill team needs for 2011.


The front office half-heartedly addresses the needs this offseason, saves money, which sets up the front office sign players that can actually provide a substantial impact to the team in 2011.


And if the Eagles were serious about 2010 they would keep Donovan McNabb around and consider signing him to contract extension. I for one want McNabb gone because I want to start this thing over with Kevin Kolb. I want the “rookie” to develop with a talented and skillful offensive unit. But this is not about what I want or the fans want this about trying to figure out if the Eagles are building for 2011.


Could the thought of Kolb starting at quarterback be something that is running through the minds of Andy Reid, Howie Roseman, and Joe Banner?


Not provide the obvious answer of the year, but: Absolutely.


It was certainly odd for Reid, who is usually hush-hush on trade rumors, to openly admit the Eagles would listen to trades involving McNabb. Why would he do such a thing? Maybe it is because he wants to get backup quarterback Kolb under center this season in order to prepare him for the 2011 season.


And why would the Eagles dish out a $1.5 million bonus to Vick and appear to be ready to pay him $5.25 million for next season to hold a clipboard and run some wildcat plays? Perhaps they want a capable backup in case Kolb flops in his first season as the team’s starter.


Nothing the Eagles are doing this year makes any sense for next season. But if you start to look at the long term impact of their actions this offseason, maybe it makes sense to think they are building for 2011 and not 2010.


In a city that yearns for a Super Bowl Reid better keep this on the hush-hush if it is true. Otherwise the fans might start saying, “Ahh, now I see the plan, but I sure as hell don’t like it.”