Can the Cubs win the World Series?

Twins HinesCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2008

Can the Cubs win the World Series?

The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908 because of a supposed curse. The legend has it that a guy wanted to come into the stadium with a goat. Of course, they didn’t let him in with the goat. Then the guy said, "The Cubs would never win a World Series."

Whether if you believe in curses or not, this curse is one hundred years old and the Cubs still haven’t won a World Series.

One of their star players Kosuke Fukudome has been doing great in batting and amazing in the outfield. His batting average is .295. Not only is he batting well but he is also fast and able to steal. This year he has stolen 6 bases, which is not bad for mid June. He has had 74 hits, which I thought was great. This guy is definitely helping the Cubs get people on base. So far this season he has had 15 doubles, 31 RBI’s and 2 triples. He also has been successful in the field. His fielding percentage is .993, which is awesome. All in all, I think Kosuke has made many contributions to the Cubs success so far this season - not bad is his first year playing American baseball. He came from Japan in early October. This guy is very consistent and if the Cubs win this year he would be one of the reasons why.

Kerry Wood is a closer for the Cubs. His had 18 saves in 22 starts. He used to be a starter and wasn’t the best. He had a lot of arm injuries and he knew that he couldn’t last that long anymore. As a closer he has held his opponents to a .178 batting average. I think he is great closer to have. Wood has been strong in 36 1/3 innings, he has 44 strikeouts and 8 walks.

Wood says, "It was a second chance at a second position."

Even before Woods' injuries, his manager always believed that he would be a dynamic closer. Some people believe he can be as good as Gossage. Gossage was a famous closer for the Cubs. I think he can be as good as Gossage because look at the way Woods is playing now. He still has at least 10 to 15 more years to play.

Derek Lee is the best slugger on the Cubs. A great hitter and great first baseman. His batting average is .286, which is not bad. He has 47 runs and 17 doubles. He is definitely a slugger - he can drive in people if they're on base. He has 41 RBI’s and 14 homeruns. He can lead this team to a World Series. He has had 82 hits - when I heard this I was surprised because when you hear about a slugger you don’t always get guys who can hit a lot. He can also steal bases and so far this season has stolen three. He plays first base and his fielding average is .990. Lee is a great player and a great guy to have. His teammates say Derek is great guy. This guy is a slugger but doesn’t strikeout out as much as you think he would. He does get good hits. He's not like Kosuke because Kosuke is consistent and Derek is in the middle of consistent and not consistent.


The Cubs have a lot of great players on their team. Just these three players stand out the most. This team can break the curse. They just have to keep trying there hardest. They’re a great team and now their finally clicking as a team. I believe they can past this curse I know they will do it.


By Megan Hines