Part II: Manny Pacquiao on the Cusp Of Time Dilation

Angelito GarciaContributor IApril 3, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - MARCH 13:  Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines prays in the ring before taking on Joshua Clottey of Ghana during the WBO welterweight title fight at Cowboys Stadium on March 13, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Brothers and sisters, here’s a quote from one of the websites I cited in the first part of Manny Pacquiao on the cusp of time dilation . If you have not read it, please indulge me by reading here.
“There are two twin brothers. On their 30th birthday, one of the brothers goes on a space journey in a superfast rocket that travels at 99 percent of the speed of light. The space traveller stays on his journey for precisely one year, whereupon he returns to Earth on his 31st birthday.

On Earth, however, seven years have elapsed, so his twin brother is 37 years old at the time of his arrival. This is due to the fact that time is stretched by factor seven at approx. 99 percent of the speed of light, which means that in the space traveller’s reference frame, one year is equivalent to seven years on earth.

Yet, time appears to have passed normally to both brothers, i.e. both still need five minutes to shave each morning in their respective reference frame.

Time in the moving system will be observed by a stationary observer to be running slower by the factor t':

As it can be seen from the above function, the effect of time dilation is negligible for common speeds, such as that of a car or even a jet plane, but it increases dramatically when one gets close to the speed of light. Very close to c, time virtually stands still for the outside observer".  

Think about that for a moment. Time, mass, and space are warped by motion.  The higher the speed, the greater the morphing, the greater the time dilation. 

If you want to remain perpetually young, fly. Fly fast. Very, very fast indeed.

This perhaps may include paying IRS by the 15th.

In one zany (always!) ESPN commercial, the main character asks, ”Is it time to bend time?”

Holy Moses, isn’t that mere pseudo science clothed up in relativistic jargon?

Some people like to drop terms around. Some people try it on their resume. It works!

Or could it be, I adamantly opine, an indication that Grandpa Einstein sits in our collective reality—maybe fantasy? 

People may not talk in terms of relativity theory, string theory, time dilation, etc., but—without a doubt—the concept of time travel stretches every one’s ordinary senses and very, very private, personal esoteric philosophical thinking.
I do not mean astral travel. That thing terrifies me.

Movies like Back To The Future and many Hollywood mega hits based on the same theme illustrate our fascination with time, the hereafter, the Atlantis fables, and so on.

Time dilation is just time contracting as a result of cyber speed.

Isn’t that fabulous? Nope, it is for real, dude. 

According to Lorentz and Einstein, Newtonian time as we ordinarily measure time is just a convenient approximation of relativistic time, which is far more accurate.

It is what it is, pure and holy, unadulterated by ordinary time.

The difference between these two time measurements borders on just a mili-milli or nano-nano fractional portion of a second, when we are evaluating ordinary time that is accompanied by "slow" motion, which is the familiar, comfortable pace that we on earth go about on daily.

The speed of supersonic airplanes is not fast enough to milk up the relativity formula. At earth speed, the formula would putter out, not rev up. It's like continental drift. You don’t realize it until its momentum attains relativistic magnitude. Then kabooom! Ask Haitians or LA residents.

To appreciate this small margin between one second of relativistic time and one second of Newtonian time—the former traversed by an object moving significantly close to the speed of light—ponder this:

It would take much less time than this imperceptible difference at slow speeds, if you will, for the Bing Bang explosion to ignite.

So we often don’t really care. We always say time is of the essence yet we never live up to it.

Because we don’t believe it.

Unless we are dealing with compound interest such as high APR credit card rate.

There is a line from Ephesians 5:16 of the New Testament Bible: “… making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.” How true. But we often ignore it...

In Zoroastrianism, there is a core belief that time and evil are intertwined. Well, the Bible was written first.

Copy cat.

Seeming like separate issues to us, relativistic time and Newtonian time don’t really faze us.

It’s like hair-splitting the qualitative difference between Dad’s masculine, dullish, one-time warning and Mom’s repetitive, almost cyclic, yet vibrant instructions that we—oh, you'll hate to hear this—get briefed upon as we plot that mad rush for that prohibited, during many politically incorrect times, sugar-coated food products or peanut butter?

Remember those times?
So you remember how we would creatively find numerous ways of curtailing their seemingly hung-up view of the urgency and primacy of time?

Heck, try as they did our parents just couldn’t get us sold on curfews!

Folks, try not to be overtaken by the highly arcane diagram above or any ethereal and wild images it might conjure thereof.

While real and experimentally (and experientially by Pacman) verified, time dilation is more than a biologic or stationary clock phenomenon.

It is as real as the sun that rises in the east, and likewise as predestined, as its predictable setting in the west.
Whether you are living on the eastern or western hemisphere of our non-flat globe, you cannot deny it.

It happens twice a day.
Even a broken, inert clock gives correct time at least twice a day.

Certainly, you have thought about that, haven’t you?

But in anyone’s life there is a time—a very, very magically joyous,  eruptive moment when one’s wishes and dreams suddenly come to a screeching (or, in some instances, a slow motion kind of) fruition—a myriad of lovely events happening together at a furiously accelerated slowpace. 

Like the first night of your honeymoon. 

Or the first visit of Santa Claus. 

Or the first toothsome smile from your beloved next-door crush. 

It's like time has stopped or time has taken on the speed of…well, speed of light.

However your inner senses calibrate it, it is either ethereally slow or celestially fast; I will go with fast.

Sometimes, it’s not about finally realizing one's unrequited dreams.

Sometimes, the miraculous and the unexpected comes by like a knight on a white horse and seizes the lucky dame and off they ride into the sunset merrily together forever.

We can’t explain miracles. We just want to suck it up.

I will never forget this UCONN alumnus whose ecstatic shrieks emanating from UCONN’s very improbable upset of Duke in the 1999 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship still reverberate on a popular UCONN oft-visited message board.

Many years after the fact.

He exclaims that on that victorious night for the first time he found meaning in his life.

This dude, based on his lyrical (although) percussive sighing, did not seem to me like a girlfriendless, divorced, or jobless 40-year old virgin.

Winning my utmost respect, he resonates—a man of rich, mannish sophistication—like an enthralled Einstein who had just unlocked the unfathomable secrets of motion and gravitation while working as a clerk at a Swiss patent office.

God smiled on this lovable genius donning a European-style Afro-haircut, by the way.

Knocking on the portals of the sacred secrets of the universe, wow!

Now listen to this. Don't close the tab yet. You have invested so much relativistic time so far.

Pacman is on the cusp of time dilation, baby. Hear, hear, the Pacific Storm, he is in the zone.

Nothing pacific about this little Filipino. He is all devour, havoc, and destruction.

He could linger on there for maybe two or three years. Ask Roach. He heard it first from the devil.

No, from an angel.

He’s moving at 95 percent of the speed of light. Just ask Messrs. Diaz, DLH, Hatton, Cotto, and Clottey.

His total mass as a result of his speed is relativistically getting more dense, no need to use Newtonian weight–drained devices. 

147 Newtonian pounds is way, way a shoddy understatement—relativistically speaking.

Use the formula, baby, and factor in 147 lbs. for t and replace v/c by 0.95 . Use the calculator, semi-genius.

It will come out to be more than 470 lbs, Dr. Spock!

That’s neither welterweight nor heavyweight , ‘tupid! Sorry, I was referring to myself, when I first did the calculation.

Yes, the Pacman space-body is massive. No catch-weight guru can make sense from all of those inert Nevada systems. Or Texas’, or California’s or NY’s. None of those gurus possesses Einsteinian methodologies.

In boxing, peak time is very short for many. Pacman has two or three years left to benefit from time dilation.

Again, Roach heard it first from the, from an angel.

Time dilation presupposes high speeds. Without it, we are all like sitting ducks on lazy, boring, meticulous, nagging, unwarpable, unbendable, low-speed generated inaccurate Newtonian time frame.

Boxing is different than golf.

In golf, this familiar name of 50-year Fred Couples is streaking hot on the Champions Tour, hitting 82.72 percent of green in regulation.

Says B/R Michael Kilpatrick, “That would easily rank first on the PGA Tour, however, we must also consider that this is through only 12 rounds and the rough is typically not quite as treacherous on the Champions Tour as it is on the PGA Tour. But still, fewer rounds, shorter courses, less treacherous rough, etc.—82.72 GIR percentage is pretty darn impressive”*

A 35-years old boxer is like a 50-year old golfer who politely leaves the PGA Tour, joins the Champions Tour, and settles in on grandfatherly slow, Newtonian time.

Some boxers like Bernard Hopkins who conserves relativistic power in his fists on the one hand (no pun intended), and George Foreman doing a difficult reverse, relativistic pirouette for a few enchanted bouts (ask Roach and Michael Moorer) on the other, are freaks of nature.

Admire them, forget it, they will never be duplicated.

Roy Jones tried, and will try again this Saturday. He can’t bask in at time’s convenient corners no more.

Light travels not on a straight line, sweetheart. Even black holes do not allow for sharp corners.

Neither does it help wearing tight speedos while coming down those knee-busting French mountain sides.

Ask Lance Armstrong about his Comeback II in 2009. He was still good in the Newtonian sense, but a notch below of his former Einsteinian excellence.

He copped third place.

Versus seven consecutive first places? Very un-Einstenian.

Earthlings: Hear, hear, light wraps, bends around curved non-Euclidian spaces. And it drags captive time along its optimal path while streaming across spaces that it warps/morphs with the help of gravitational pull. I am not talking about sagging skin, sagging _____(oops, just a typo) and hairlines that need invasive plastic surgery.

At all.

Ray Jones may have to contact Prof. Einstein from the dead and get some real advice. That represents Ray's only true chance. He did not have to go to Australia to learn it. 

De la Hoya did not bother.

Do I hear Hatton is consulting with the Doctor? Ask Hatton’s lovely lecturer-girlfriend.

In basketball, great point guards lose their greyhound speed at around 35 years. It wasn’t HIV that did in Magic Johnson’s 13–year brilliant career as LA point guard. From 1979-1992, he had deer-like spring on his legs. In 1996, he permanently retired after a short brief tease with relativistic time as, ahem, power forward. The dude was 36.

Sounds familiar?

No man could bend time at slow speed.

Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics is losing it too. Too bad the Celtics might deal him out of the Garden.

When Michael Jordan reincarnated from the other life via his second retirement playing for the Washington Wizards, Phil Jackson, out of deep respect, refused to play him against Kobe Bryant.
Reason? Newtonian Physics versus Theory of Relativity, no way Jose.

So Floyd Mayweather, you are now 33 years old—in rapid transit toward the end of time dilation. Newtonian time is about to set in on your legs, arms, and mental reflexes.

It is a virulent predator that marks its victims. Make sure you are still within relativistic time frame because Pacman is nesting right on its cusp.  

Grab time by its dilated horns. Procrastinate not. Time is evil.

You are about to be gobbled up.





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