Simply Dominating: A Smackdown Review

The PhantomCorrespondent IApril 2, 2010

There was one major theme that loomed over this past episode of Smackdown: young talent domination. The young talent of the WWE rose up and tried to stake their claim as the future of the company.

We seen a first time Heavyweight Champion crowned, Drew McIntyre take out Matt Hardy, and the whole entire roster of NXT take out Kane. We also saw Straight Edge Society's Serna Deeb get a chance to cut a promo with CM Punk and Luke Gallows.

The whole episode of Smackdown was dedicated to helping put over young or new talent. But did the WWE really do a good job of showcasing talent?

Well their was some obvious blunders like the Cryme Time break up along with the match to go with it and the interruption of the Hart Dynasty's promo for a some what lousy cheap plug for the new World Champion Jack Swagger. 

But out of the two blunders by the WWE, the one that makes the least sense was the Cryme Time break up. They were really the only tag team other than the Dudebusters(who just debut this past Thursday) and the Hart Dynasty on Smackdown, and to a larger sense the WWE. Why have them break up when the division was showing some signs of life? 

Other than that the night was mostly positive. Unless you have been leaving in or under a rock, you know by now the that Jack Swagger is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He took the belt from Jericho after an Edge spear. Swagger then went on to take out Edge and cash in his briefcase on Jericho.

Besides the useless interruption of the Hart Dynasty; he was presented well as a champion. Jack Swagger has a style that is a mixture of many different past champions.

The first names that came to mind are Kurt Angle and JBL. While I do not feel he is in that league just yet, I would not be shock if he gets there based on his performance tonight. I could see why they made the choice to put the belt on him.

The second best event for the new talent of Smackdown was Serna Deeb's promo. She did a great job in her part of the promo and generated real heel heat from the fans. I feel the WWE has a star in the making if they can manage her career right and start featuring her in matches.

Drew McIntyre thrashing of Matt Hardy I thought at first was out of place. Then I realize that it was a great way to generate some real heat for Drew McIntyre if he attacked an establish crowd favorite rather than a tweener character like Kane. This could be an interesting feud one; but the WWE has to let McIntyre take his bumps and share of losses or it defeats the purpose of having him hold the IC belt.

The most underrated segment of the night goes to Kane vs. the entire NXT roster. The way it was setup gave the NXT show some credibility and displayed Kane as still one of the most dominant forces in all of the WWE.

While there was some rough spots in the program, the young stars on Smackdown did not disappoint. We all have been calling for seasons of change and new creation of stars. Well the WWE is shifting in that direction wether you like the changes or hate them.

Like I said in my last article,"The Changing Of The Guard" would be coming soon in the WWE. Well the first shots were fired and it made for some rather interesting TV.