Predicted Brett Favre Response: "Kiss My Mississippi Ass"

Medicine_Gone_BadAnalyst IJuly 13, 2008


So the Packers management thinks they can simply bring back Brett Favre as a backup and resolve this looming public relations war with the quarterback?

A quarterback who is coming off one of his best seasons stat-wise last year.

A quarterback who can summon enough public support nationwide to have the Packers GM and coach for lunch in a public relations scrap.

Brett Favre is not backup material! Brett Favre is Brett Favre!

I am sure he's thinking that if you feel that way you can "Kiss his Mississippi Ass!"

The Packers management may feel obligated to Aaron Rodgers who has patiently stood by and waited for his chance to start. If Aaron Rodgers is a quality QB then he can thank Favre for extending his career by a few years while he tutored Rodgers on the sidelines.

The few extra years of good health that Rodgers gained can allow him to maximize a hefty contract extension in the millions during his prime; thanks to Brett Favre's durability.

I am not a big fan of quarterbacks who stay idle on the sidelines for a few seasons, even with first round pedigree. They are like brand new cars that are left aside and unused for a few years; they just never work right.

A viable option is to trade Aaron Rodgers for a missing piece of the Superbowl puzzle since the Packers and Favre are  easily in reach of the NFC title. Let management roll the dice for a Superbowl this year then replace an active and productive legend by utilizing their young QB.

Thus the dilemma created for management is its commitment to Rodgers versus the loyalty to Favre; with the Packer fans sitting in as jury.

The very least that the Packers can do is have a quarterback competition during training camp and pre-season, in which Favre will destroy Rodgers. So how could you justify having Favre as a backup to his backup?

It looks like the Packers management is trying to put their own stamp on this team, an impossibility with Favre hoovering around. Packers management should be careful that they don't stamp their one way ticket out of town.

Oh, and by the way, you can "Kiss his Mississippi Ass" on your way out!