What If Goldberg Does Rejoin The WWE

Matt GuyettContributor IApril 2, 2010

Yes, im guessing everyone has heard the news that Bill Goldberg (Former world heavyweight champion) is in negotiations with the WWE about an apparent return. If so what would this do for the company with its up and coming young stars making the big break would he come in and ruin the opportunity that the WWE was planning and be straight away thrown in to the championship mix? 

Well, lets start of with the Show. So Bill Goldberg signs a contract with the WWE and is part of its roster now which show does the WWE opt to plant him on?                            If Smackdown the show where most of the young guns are battling their way to the top would he be straight away a main eventer which could upset the WWE universe. If he is thrown straight into the main event's who would he fued with because most of the big superstars are on Monday Night Raw.

Which brings me to my next point surely if the WWE were going to look for a fued for Goldberg surely they would look no further then the Game Triple H. Their fued was at times recognised as the biggest of the 23rd century and a very popular one. But this would mean that Goldberg would have to join Monday Night Raw. For me i'd go for Monday Night Raw. 

Next, how WWE makes his return. Well, one option i say is at the Raw episode the ever popular WWE Draft. In any match on the card the WWE decide to have Goldberg return on this night in a match winning it. Then he is drafted to any show that WWE want him on or another option would be to have him enter a Mitb ladder match at the WWE Mitb Pay-Per-view and win it. Then he unlike Swagger who capitalised at first sight he waits for a longer while before having either Triple H be WWE Champion and then he cash it in or have an unbelievable rivalry having him cash in on the World Heavyweight champion The Undertaker near Wrestlemania setting up a new fresh challenger to the Undertaker's streak. 

Choice of opinion, this is something WWE will have to approach in a certain way because in the Attitude era Goldberg was seen as an arranged man almost psychotic.Now what i would do in the creative team's position would be that i would have Goldberg return and a bit like HBK be obsessed with having a match with Triple H. Now Goldberg, tries anything to make this happen costing the widely liked WWE champion Triple H. This could be the way the WWE universe turn on Goldberg and this makes him a heel. I also feel his physique and mentality suits a heel character. 

Now, what they do with his attire and moveset and etc. Do the WWE keep all of his old attributes or do they go for a new creation of Goldberg. 

Well, thats it for me now my conclusion. 

Do i wish Goldberg back in the WWE? Well lets just say it wouldn't be the best thing to happen for the company but could sure boost its ratings to an even higher standard.