Barcelona Will Hammer Their Way Past Arsenal

Saura BhattacharjeeAnalyst IApril 2, 2010

Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona: The scoreline depicts only a portion of the tragedy that befell Wenger and his young Gunners this week.

The picture above will precisely summarise the mood at Emirates stadium after Gallas along with the Gunners' inspirational captain Cesc Fabregas were ruled out for the rest of the season.

To add further woes to already woeful Wenger, Arshavin has also been ruled out for two to three weeks due to an injury he sustained against Barcelona on Wednesday night at London.

The injury to Arsenal's most experienced centre-back and their two world class midfielders will surely throw Arsenal's dream of silverware into haywire.

Wenger must have hit the panic button as there is little more he can do.

With his first choice striker another three weeks away from first team return, the fresh injuries will only add to his woeful condition.

Fabregas sacrificed the rest of the season to give Arsenal a slim hope of qualification for a Champions League semi-final berth.

But that hope looks dim as Arsenal with Fabregas and Arshavin lacked the attacking tooth to their game-play on Wednesday night. Now with both of Arsenal's main attacking pair out for the return leg at Nou Camp any chances of qualification looks very dim.

Moreover, Barcelona will have the opportunity to hammer their way to the semi-final stage in style. The young Arsenal team are not very good at handling pressure and with their creative playmaker-come-captain Fabregas sidelined they may well be all but defeated even before the game starts.

The Gunners' can expect a full strength Catalans' attacking blizzard at Nou Camp. With only Puyol missing the return leg the Barca defence may well have some difficulty but nothing as compared to the Gunners'.

The return leg may well turn out to be a one-sided affair with nearly full strength Barcelona pounding the depleted Gunners' after such an exhilarating display of soccer in the first leg.

Wenger will have to motivate his young Gunners to step up to the occasion but even such motivation may do little to stop the disciplined Barca attacks.

Arsenal's disciplined and clean style of play originates from one man in midfield, Cesc Fabregas. But with Cesc being absent there are serious doubts whether Arsenal will be able to play their organised game.

Arshavin has also been sidelined with injury.

It will also be a vital factor as his absence will deplete Wenger of his attacking options. Having conceded two away goals in the first leg Arsenal will have to play an attacking football but sans their prime attacking players.

Wenger can only hope that Barcelona does not inflict a demoralising defeat which might take it's toll on the Gunners' league performance.

He will also be hoping that none of his other stars get injured along with a speedy recovery of Arshavin and Van Persie.

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