Ravens Woes: Time for Brian Billick, Steve McNair to Go

Marcus WycheCorrespondent INovember 14, 2007

IconI'm no expert, but even I can see it's time for Brian Billick to go in Baltimore.

Under Billick, the Ravens offense has been offensive. If he's really an offensive guru, he certainly hasn't shown it.

Consider Billick's track record in the draft. His last successful pick was Jamal Lewis. How does that qualify anyone as an offensive genius?

What's worse is that Billick insists on calling the team's plays. Isn't that the offensive coordinator's job? If Billick's going to be running the show, why even keep Rick Neuheisel on the payroll?

Of course, Billick isn't the only guilt party.

IconSteve McNair used to be a great quarterback—but all those beatings he took over the years have finally caught up with him. It's a shame to see such a stud go out on such a down note.

As it see it, McNair should retire before things get any worse. He's thrown three picks and fumbled four times in his last two games—while throwing for a combined 191 yards.

What option do the Ravens have but to bench him in favor of Kyle Boller?

Listen to McNair himself on the subject:

"Maybe (the Ravens) should start Boller and if they do I will support him."

That sounds like a defeated man to me.

Baltimore fans deserve better than this. I've heard rumors that the Ravens may try to land Donovan McNabb in the offseason—but Donovan would be crazy to make the move so long as Billick is still the head man in Baltimore.

If nothing else, the Ravens should at least give Boller a shot this season. He knows the offense, and the receivers know him—and it's hard to imagine he could do any worse than McNair has.

That's a fan's two cents, anyway.