Spoilers Have Ruined Wrestling

Blue StreakContributor IApril 2, 2010

                     I'd just like to ask everyone here what is the purpose of spoilers?They have ruined wrestling.I'm not talking about people who put spoiler alerts.I'm talking about people who don't have the common courtesy to tell you that **WARNING!THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS!**

                  I'm talking about people who are on spoiler websites all day.These are the people who have killed wrestling.People complain that wrestling has gotten stale.However,those people complaining,are the very same people who I've mentoined above.

               Have you people ever thought that maybe some people don't want to be told what happens on Smackdown?You guys can look at spoilers all day,you can reveal them in your articles but make sure you give warnings in the title!!

           Now, lets talk about spoilers in general.They have KILLED wrestling.Honestly, I would much rather be shocked live then some person telling me.The only time you are allowed to spoil is after the show.

         When you think about it spoilers really serve no purpose at all besides ruining a great wrestling show.I mean when you go watch a movie,do you read the whole script and then see it?Of course not!!Now transfer that same reference to a wrestling show.

   Have the rules changed?


  Do people still reveal spoilers?


             Why have the rules suddenly changed?Why are people so selfish and inconsiderate, as to spoil a show for everyone else!!Honestly spoilers need to stop!!They serve no purpose, and have ruined the shock factor of wrestling.

          Lets rewind back to Shawn vs Taker.I read an article online about this entitled ''Three reasons why Shawn cannot defeat Undertaker''.And what did I see when I looked at it?NOTHING BUT SPOILERS!!

     ''1.Shawn has been wanting to retire for years''

     ''2.Shawn wants to spend time with his family''

         No wonder everyone chose Undertaker!!Epic match but how much more would you have enjoyed it if you thought Shawn had a descent chance!!Spoilers have ruined wrestling and so have the people who revealed them.F*** spoilers and F*** the people who reveal them.PLEASE STOP SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!