Cowboystd's NBA Power Rankings 3/31/10

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IApril 1, 2010

Sorry I”m late on this, but I’ve been on vacation these past few days lol.
Anyways, with two weeks left the race is tightening up and unless something crazy happens, our playoff teams seem to be locked up right now.
Here’s a look at my top ten teams for this week:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (58-16)
Is there really anything that needs to be said to explain why these guys are number 1 every week? I don’t think so.

2. Orlando Magic (52-22)
The Magic have been rolling, and can this team really be better than the Magic team that made the Finals a season ago?

3. L.A Lakers (54-19)
They had a bump against OKC last week, and a bump against the Hornets this week. Both on the road. While they might not lose the 1st seed in the west or in the 1st round of the playoffs, these last few games i believe will give momentum going into the playoffs, whether that be bad momentum or good is yet to be seen.

4. Phoenix Suns (47-26)
The Suns have won 8 games in a row, Amare just puts out great numbers every game and everything is looking bright for this young team. Only problem is that starting Center Robin Lopez might be shelved until the playoffs.

5. Utah Jazz (48-26)
The Jazz have been fighting through injuries and still manage to come out with W’s. This is a strong team that doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down any time soon.

6. Portland Trail Blazers (45-29)
Everything seems pretty bright for this team, won’t go far into the playoffs but for right now, while the nuggets and Mavs are struggling in the west, they take the 6th spot on my rankings.

7. Dallas Mavericks (48-25)
They went 3-4 after showing a great performance with a 13 game win streak coming out of the all star break.

8. Atlanta Hawks (47-26)
The Hawks are going to the Finals? That’s what Frank Robinson said on his twitter page.

9. San Antonio Spurs (44-28)
They Beat Cleveland and Boston back-to-back. But a loss to the Nets is just horrible.

10. Denver Nuggets (48-26)
This team has been struggling as of late. And have dropped from the second seed, all the way down to the the 5th seed. We’re all pulling for Coach Karl to come back healthy, but maybe this team’s focus has shifted since their coach hasn’t been on the sidelines lately.

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