Interview with Walter McFadden, DB, Auburn!

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One thing you can’t teach, is having football in your blood. That’s one of the attributes of Walter McFadden. His brother, Bryant, plays cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals and his cousin, Patrick Peterson, plays cornerback for the L.S.U. Tigers.

Walter is a very good prospect in his own right. A mid round prospect with very good skills and intangibles. He’s used the off-season workouts to improve his stock by answering questions about his size. Now he continues to work out to solidify the thought that he’s a solid prospect at the next level.

With 4.4 speed, a 35″ vertical, and great ball skills, McFadden has shown that he has all the tools to play on the same level as his older brother. Any team taking McFadden is getting a solid player with a good character. Walter took some time out to answer some questions, here’s what he had to say.

BW: Who was it that got you into football?

WM: My family is very big in sports, everyone in it played some type of sport…but my father got me to love football.

BW: When did you start playing organized football?

WM: I started when I was 7 years old, for Pompano Chiefs

BW: Who were your football heroes growing up?

WM: Deion Sanders and the athletes that came out of the area.

BW: How did you ultimately pick Auburn as the school to attend?

WM: I was committed to Florida but Ron Zook got fired and Auburn kept pursuing me, I wasn’t qualified yet. And other schools as well as Florida started to doubt me except Auburn. Other schools wanted me to go to juco which I didn’t want to take that route. I finally got qualified and said Auburn always had my back now it’s my turn to have their’s.

BW: You have been seen as a bit of an underdog because of your previously listed size. What was it like to dispell some of those questions at your pro day?

WM: It was good to let the world see how big I am and to show case my talent, it was a big accomplishment for me and was very important to me.

BW: You had an impressive pro day, did any teams show extensive interest in you?

WM: Most teams spoke with me. I had about 12 teams that were very interested in me out of the 32 teams that were there at Auburn pro day.

BW: You accumulated 6 interceptions last season. How do you think that helped your draft stock?

WM: I think it helped a lot. It shows that when the ball is in the air, it’s as good as mine as it is his ball.

BW: What is one of the more important questions that NFL personnel have been asking you?

WM: What’s your family like. NFL teams are really trying to get to know your personality, and see what type of person you are.

BW: What is this whole experience like?

WM: It’s very exciting. You meet a lot of people and other players that you watch games of this past season and now you’re training with them.

BW: What have you learned from your older brother, Bryant?

WM: I learned a lot from him but the most important was character, being a gentleman.

BW: Is there always a friendly competition between you two?

WM: Always competition, even my little cousin Patrick Peterson who plays for LSU joins in.

BW: What do you do in the off-season to stay ready for the long season ahead?

WM: Just workout and have fun. I know this is all business now, but I like to have fun playing the game, and you only have fun when your winning so I guess just work hard in the off season.

BW: What advice would you give to people trying to follow their dream the same way you are?

WM: I would tell them keep God first and stay in the bible because that’s the only thing that can keep you focused.

I would like to thank Walter for this opportunity. He’s a great kid and I wish him the best throughout his career.

by Brandon Williams/Writer, Author

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