Why Wrestlemania 26 Wasn't The Spectacle Compared To Past Years!

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Why Wrestlemania 26 Wasn't The Spectacle Compared To Past Years!

Well, the night where a legend was set to bid his final bow the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania. This was the first Wrestlemania i have sat down on my own and analysed the aspect of the pay-per-view. Now, why i feel this ppv has failed to live up to its reputation this year. 

First pathetically the WWE decided to put the WWE Championship around the waist of a man named Sheamus (Who had just broke out of the horrendous ECW). Did this put the matches in motion? No not at all! And as we watch The Undertaker dominate the Smackdown roster we have to wait for the Elimination Chamber to see the HBK VS Undertaker match take shape. Right so before the Elimination Chamber (The PPV that usually cements who is going to Wrestlemania which ok it did but could of been done so much earlier then this)

The World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker (Yes, this does fit but is this only to contend with TNA? Why not have Jericho win at Royal Rumble with Rey Mysterio and CM Punk feuding because of one eliminates the other at the Royal Rumble)  

The WWE Champion Sheamus (Ok, You want to give a guy a push do it after Wrestlemania come of it heading into The Royal Rumble as your no.1 competitor against again the uprising TNA Stinks. Then you see at the Elimination Chamber the Championships change hands but how about another way of doing this.) At WWE TLC (Yes,they push Sheamus) but have a triple threat match (c) John Cena vs Triple H vs Sheamus after the match which Cena wins Batista after losing to the Undertaker comes out with Bret Hart out of nowhere. (Bret acompnies Batista because he is made Guest Host the following night and has been made to give Batista the oppurtuinity.) Now Batista destroyes Cena but Hart makes his way in the ring to stop this. Next we see McMahon come out and announce that Hart will never come back to the WWE. we then see Batista become the new WWE Champion. 


WWE Royal Rumble champions (WWE Champion Batista and WHC The Undertaker) WHC Championship match The Undertaker vs Jericho we see an interruption from HBK and Jericho wins. HBk does enter the Royal Rumble but loses after being pushed out by The Undertaker who because he lost ran into the ring. WWE Championship match Batista with Manager Vince Mcmahon vs Triple H winner Batista afterwards Mcmahon joins Batista in hurting the game. Who runs out Bret Hart. Ok, Ok you get what i mean. And then at Elimination chamber its Jericho and HBK vs The Undertaker and Edge. John Cena wins the elimination chamber after Triple H is destroyed by a returning Sheamus. 

Anyway so the matches are set. Now the night. First Match which i was really anticipating the Unified tag team Champions ShowMiz vs R-Truth and J Morrison. Fail,Fail and even more fails come of it WWE first match make it exciting make it tenseful yes ok so ShowMiz can win but not just a couple of moves from Morrison and then Big Show's knockout just NO! 

Then the triple Threat match fantastic match one noone was that phased by but succeeded in so many ways. Then MiTB. Yes Jack Swagger is not good on the Mic but his in-ring ability is so authentic and modernized. Now Cashing it in on the Smack down after Wrestlemania well lets just say not the greatest idea with Cena/Batista storyline so disliked and Edge returning getting hyped up not a great move by the WWE Creative team. 

I am not sexist but am greatly in dislike of the WWE diva storyline the only time we should see a cross brand rivalry is  Bragging Rights. WWE please fire fatty Guerrero but R.I.P Eddie Guerrero. Now the main events.

One thing that disappointed me was the entrances every year we mind blowing entrances .Cena's drive through at Wrestlemania 23 or The Undertaker's entrance at Wrestlemania all of them, lasers, lasers NO wwe. He is supposed to be dead and you give him lasers. 

So the World Heavyweight Championship match both with new attire's both with a huge rivalry and connected with a great Promo does it disappoint well in a way it sort of continue's they're feud until you find that Swagger then cashes in his MiTB briefcase. 


Then the WWE Championship bout one thing that doesn't help is that you have around 7 We hate Cena fans in the front row. Yes this had to be a great bout to please the Universe and the outcome was almost hard to not predict but still this really was two disliked superstars who both quote put their lives into this business. Something else that made me laugh was the fact that afterwards Cena decides to go next to the we hate cena fans to celebrate. Does this help your attempt to be liked? not at all. 


HBK Vs Undertaker need there be words all i can say is not as over-whelming as last year but emotional. It seemed to be that WWE were going to play on the Undertaker taunt that HBK portrayed. Two of the biggest Superstars gun's blazing and a unbelievable attempt by The Showstopper still not enough. 

Now, the reason i am much more sad about Shawn's departure is the fact that i feel no one else can end the streak. 

So that is my feelings after my Wrestlemania what's yours? don't like this please say why i don't mind its just how i feel!

Bye Shawn a legend we won't forget you! 

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