Does anyone care about Brett Favre anymore?

John ShullCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2008

Brett Favre had 61,655 career-passing yards, 442 regular season touchdowns, 5377 completed passes, and one Super Bowl ring.

My question for the "cheese-heads" out there is, what does Brett Favre have left to prove?

An icon for sure; a Hall of Famer.

Coming back from retirement and being successful?

Not so much!

Already considered one of the NFL's elite, Brett Favre had set the bar for quarterbacks through the 90s and into the Millennium, in terms of leadership and heart.

If his resume is not impressive enough, Favre lead the “Pack” to a winning season every year, but 2005, when the Packers were a disappointing 4-12.

It was decided on Tuesday, July 8 that Favre during a conference call to the Packers head office stressed to them that he wanted to come back and play football, yet again.

Green Bay, surprising, the football/sports world, has been reluctant to offer any kind of support to Favre— that leading to Favre wanting the Packers to release him unconditionally from his contract.

A whooping three years for $39 million— Favre can still make!

The Packers General Manager, Ted Thompson, more than likely will release Favre, but with some conditions.

Those have yet to be determined, but if I were a betting man I would say that some of the stipulations would include not going to a in-conference team and I could even see Green Bay trying to buy out some of Favre's contract.

It does not take a smart man to see that Favre can still play the game of football, but honestly who wants that baggage.

Teams like the Cardinals, Vikings, Steelers, teams that Favre could fit in have no use for a QB who is past his prime and carries a small salary of what you could be paying six or seven players.

Favre is a smart man; he knows what he is doing in wanting to come back and make the rest of his money.

I have to believe he cannot be effective anymore, though some will say he is more competitive than ever now.

In my opinion Favre should just stay at home, take some kind of buy-out if available and not turn into a, Evander Holyfield or Rickey Henderson of the once retired world.