WWE-New Storylines:The Need Of The Hour

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IApril 1, 2010

Hey guys I am back and just for the record Wrestlemania is over, and it's time for the WWE to move on to fresh story lines.Also I would like to say that PG era does not make the WWE stale but as long as we have good story lines,we can enjoy the WWE.

Most of the feuds which took place at Mania will not extend more than a month. Ideally, I want to see a few feuds continue for some months after Extreme Rules—say, from May to August. It makes things more intense when feuds are longer.

Considering the fact the draft is taking place, WWE is going to be shaken up. You will see many superstars from different brands in various feuds.

I have formulated a list of various feuds or storylines the WWE should focus on, the advantages, and how long they should continue.                        

                                                            Divas Feuds

Gail Kim and Natalya for the Divas Title-Let's accept it. These two are the top divas in terms of abilities.

They will not disappoint the crowd if given meaningful, 10- to 12-minute matches. That way, there's no need to set up those 10-diva squash matches and silly skits to eat up air time.

(I like Maryse as well, but I doubt her wrestling abilities are better than these two.)

This feud should extend for about four months. The championship will change hands not on successive PPVs, but on every alternative one.

You don’t want the title to lose credibility but then you still want the feud is important and needs to be intense.

Gail Kim is the perfect-face diva, and Natalya is the perfect opposite.

We should have this match on the RAW brand. It can help fight TNA as well.

The advantages are that it is fresh, utilizes the otherwise wasted diva Gail Kim, and also brings credibility back to the diva department.

Beth Phoenix-Mickie James-McCool for the Womens Championship-This could be the prominent diva feud for the SD brand. It will again provide a good divas storyline that SD needs. Layla also could be the difference-maker and help McCool.

These three divas will actually make a good feud.

At the moment, Mickie James is the most popular diva, McCool is her exact opposite, and Phoenix still seems to be a tweener.

They already have a rivalry. There will be less time necessary to build it up, leaving more for another good feud.

This feud should last around four to five months, with maybe McCool losing in the second bout to James. James keeps it for the next three bouts before losing to Phoenix at the end of the rivalry.

It sets up a good, top-diva feud. A triple-threat makes things more intense and unpredictable, which will always increase viewer ratings. These three have  wrestling abilities and will help make the diva division respectable again.

Divas Stable-The idea is to utilize every diva and this provides us the perfect opportunity to do so. 

Rather than putting 10 divas in one match, there should be two major diva feuds on each brand, with a stable warfare between divas from each brand. It is the only way you can have five to six divas compete.

The heel divas stable should be managed by Vickie Gurrero. She could be the difference-maker in their matches, and she actually gets a lot of heat.

Divas like Alicia Fox, Katie Lea, and Maryse compose the heel stable, while Eve, Kelly, and Tiffany compose the face stable.

This can go on forever—or at least half a year. Keep in mind that this should be an inter-brand rivalry. It is not necessary to have all the divas of a particular stable on one brand. By putting them in different brands, they can face off if the top divas are injured or busy.

It solves two problems. First of all, we utilize all of the divas, plus we provide a meaningful feud, which is exactly what we want. The best part is we are actually putting on triple-threat, diva tag team matches.

That makes more sense than what the WWE does in throwing in 12 divas in one match. We are throwing in only half of them.

The WWE has a lot of divas. Instead of giving us stupid matches, they should engage a few divas as valets, managers, or maybe acts like storyline girlfriends for the various superstars.

                                       Tag-Team Feuds and Stables

Hart Dynasty (face) and Cryme Tyme (heel)-This feud did build last year, but WWE never converted it into the real thing.

Now, we all know how important tag teams are and how they benefit the superstars, who learn from each other and prove themselves to the wrestling world.

I made C.T. a heel, because these guys get a decent pop from the crowd, making them a good tag team. Hart Dynasty, on the other hand, has potential but does not get a lot of the deserved pop. I want to turn them face, so that they can start to get fan following as well.

We should have Bret Hart manage them, because a legendary figure such as him would attract positive crowd responses. At Mania, they did display their face-side by beating Vince, so the face turn won’t take time and will help them develop.

Let the two feud in back-to-back matches for about three to four months, with the more impressive team out of the two shifting into the Unified Tag Team Championship scene.

They are all young and athletic. They can take part in some tables matches to get a sense of the extremity back the WWE.

This develops two potential tag teams and brings integrity back to the tag team division. It also helps to get some of the extreme back and develops the HD with Hitman’s assistance.

Cody and Ted-Show and Kane-Carlito and Primo for the Unified Tag Team Titles

This seems to be a different kind of feud, but believe me, it has distinct advantages.

We should reunite Carlito and Primo, because their individual careers are going nowhere.

I doubt they are ever going to get an opportunity to be a main eventers.So we might as well utilize them in the tag team division and also maybe turn them face

Cody and Ted might have had a fallout at Mania, but I think they are not developed enough. They need to work together before they can enter the singles division. These guys have the talent and ability to be future main eventers.

Big Show has already won many championships, and I doubt we will ever see him as the WWE or the World Heavyweight Champ again. Kane appears to be managed poorly, because he has become a glorified jobber and is going nowhere.

By teaming him with Show, we are putting him back into a respectable position.

I have three teams, because I feel the tag team division was great back in the  days of The Hardy boys, Dudley boys, and E&C.

I know that won’t happen again, but at least it is worth a shot, considering their wrestling ability. With the PPV TLC coming up, we can have such matches again.

This feud should extend about a span of five to six months with every team winning the titles at least once. Show and Kane could lose the titles at the end of the rivalry and go on to wrestle at next year's Mania.

It has various advantages. First of all, it takes Kane out of the jobber status and puts him in an important feud.

It also provides them with new storylines, helps Cody and Ted develop into future main eventers. These guys could learn from the experience of Kane and Show and importantly will help to avoid wasting talent like Carlito and Primo.

Face Stable (Christian-MVP-Evan Bourne and Mark Henry)
Vs. Heel Stable (William Regal-Dolph Ziggler-Drew Macintyre and Zack Ryder)

This might be just the thing the RAW Brand has been looking for. 

It has the "it" factor we guys mostly talk about. Earlier, I only talked about a heel stable. Thanks to my friend Mike (a.k.a. The Professor), I realized a face stable would be a great idea.

Fans love it when a bunch of guys join hands to bash up the bullies who take wrestling into their own hands.

This can be true gang warfare with two experienced guys, Christian and Regal, as the leaders. Their experience can nurture talent like MVP, Bourne, Ziggler, Drew, and Ryder.

These guys can also dominate the wrestling scene for the better part of a year—or at least until Christian leaves to pursue major gold. They can put up various matches at PPVs, maybe with one-on-one matches or tag matches.

In the end, I would like the young guns to be the standouts in these two stables. Let's accept it. These guys are the future of the company. They should build a rapport with the fans and develop their skills to the fullest.

There are a hell of a lot of advantages. It makes full use of Regal’s skills, and helps nurture and develop talent in Ziggler, Drew, Zack Ryder, MVP, and Bourne.

It also enhances Christian’s character to the fullest before he gets the main event push he deserves. It can also give us the gang warfare we like to see.

Plus, it’s a new thing, so it will be appreciated by the crowd. More importantly, if properly managed, it can help Drew and Ziggler get over with the crowds and become heels who generate enough heat to be future main eventers.

Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy-Straight Edge Society

I think this feud has a lot of potential, and if properly handled, can do a lot of good for the WWE.

This feud could be one of those intense rivalries converted into an intense, tag-team feud. It could get a lot of ratings.

Let Mysterio beat Punk again for the rematch at Extreme Rules. Then, Punk will get extremely angry, and both Punk and Gallows beat Mysterio up after the loss.

That week on SD, when Punk wrestles Matt Hardy in a normal singles match, Rey could come out of nowhere and help Matt defeat S.E.S. The next week, they could meet in a tag-team matchup.

From there, the rivalry can take off. 

We can have a rivalry go on for about three to four months, until Punk finally enters the main event scene again. After that, Rey and Matt can challenge for the Unified Tag Team Championship.

The S.E.S can build its reputation, and a new storyline develops. It promises a lot of great moves and matches, proper utilization of Matt Hardy, and most importantly, supplies teams to compete for the Unified Tag Team Championship on a regular basis. This prevents it from getting stale.

                                                      Mid-Card Feuds

HHH-Sheamus-I know this is not a new feud, but I feel this is one of those feuds that should continue even beyond Mania to help Sheamus get over with the crowd

It is the perfect opportunity for Sheamus to get over with the crowd, start generating actual heat, and get respect from a majority of the fans.

Now, to be honest, this feud requires proper matches at the various PPVs, if they want Sheamus to develop as a heel. This feud has all of the build-up and heat it needs; it just requires proper management.

The aim is to develop Sheamus. Let these guys feud for the next three to four months. Sheamus wins at least two bouts out of four and starts getting respect.

MY idea is that we involve them in good, 15-minute matches at PPVs with Sheamus showing us some good maneuvers and countering HHH’s moves to make the fans be in awe of Sheamus

This helps the rise of Sheamus as a superstar. It keeps HHH out of the main event scene for some time and gives the other guys a chance as well.

Miz-Morrison-This can be one hell of a rivalry simply because of the current position they have in the WWE.

This can take these two men to bigger heights. The rivalry also promises to put up great matches every time, because you have two guys waiting to just blast into the main event scene and go against one another. They will go out of the way to prove themselves.

They know they will soon get the chance to shine. The excitement and high emotions will provide the adrenaline rush to put that "it" factor in the matches and  promos.

They will make things more intense, and we all know how good the rivalries get when it becomes intense.

It is the perfect rivalry. Both are opposites. More importantly, Miz generates a lot of heat from the crowd, and Morrison generates a lot of pop.

This rivalry can really do a lot for the WWE. Let this rivalry go for four straight PPVs, with Jo Mo winning the first singles match and then Miz winning the next two. Then, Jo Mo equals the score in the last one.

This, of course, gives us a feud between two top mid-carders, a grueling and an intense rivalry, and solidifies their positions in the WWE as potential future main eventers.

Batista-Kofi Kingston-This can be a perfect rivalry to guide Kofi to main eventer status and to develop Batista as a heel.

These two guys have contrasting personalities and move sets. Batista is a top heel who does not give a damn about anybody and usually has those powerful moves.

Kofi, on the other hand, is a face who generates a lot of pop. I mean, did you see the pop he generated when he came out at Mania or when he was using stilts to read the MITB contract?

Kofi is developed and is over enough with the fans. You would always want to ensure that your future main eventer has had a feud with the top guy in which he has proven his worth to be the top dog in the industry

Kofi did do it against Orton. After that, when WWE stopped pushing him, he lost a string of matches to Orton and some of his reputation. 

It will be a new and fresh rivalry, so the fans will really love it.

This feud should go on for three months. They should fight in equally dominated matches, with Batista winning the first two and assaulting Kofi after every win.

Finally, Kofi can ask for one last opportunity. This time, he never gives up and fights in a grueling 20- to 22-minute match and finally beats Batista clean to end the rivalry.

The distinct advantage is it completes Kofi’s transformation to a respected and anticipated main event player. It also develops Batista as a heel, because this guy is doing a great job.

More importantly, it will be an unexpected storyline feud, like the Orton-Kofi feud and will increase the viewership ratings.

These three are great mid-card feuds. Imagine—such great mid-card feuds would be secondary to the main-event feuds hyped by the PPVs.

Even the mid-card feuds would be intense and new.

There are other mid-card feuds as well. I won't elaborate. I feel they will be  secondary, mid-card feuds. Some of them are:

  1. Shelton Benjamin vs. Drew Macintyre (IC Title)
  2. Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP (US Title)
  3. Matt Hardy vs. Big Zeke
  4. R-Truth vs. Zack Ryder

There is one more thing we can do to improve the status of lower mid-carders. We need to bring back the Hardcore Championship on, say, SD and Cruiser Heavyweight Championship on RAW.

This utilizes talent like Chavo Gurrero, Big Zeke, Carlito and Primo, Funaki, and Jimmy Yang Yang, if there is a problem with engaging them in stables or tag team.

Main Event Feuds

Chris Jericho-Jack Swagger (World Heavyweight Championship)-I will be honest with you. I had not planned it earlier on but wanted to include it after hearing that Swagger is the new WHC.

I don’t completely support the move, because the guy has good wrestling talent but should have developed more. They rushed it though. Maybe they should have waited for about five to six months before doing it.

The bottom line is that Swagger is the WHC. We can’t reverse this decision. My point is to put him in a rivalry with a man the fans just love to hate, like Chris Jericho.

Jericho is one guy who can make anybody look good. It will be the perfect feud for him.

We know Edge will get involved in it, and we might see a triple-threat match at Extreme Rules. You want Swagger's first reign to make sense, so he should not be a transitional champion. He should be given a few months—maybe four—with his first title reign

Now the Swagger-Edge rivalry for the strap could have been possible. At the moment, Edge is a face, so Swagger won’t get the pop he should get and won’t be able to generate actual heat.

If we put him with Jericho, then he might be able to gather some cheers from the crowd and earn respect from them.

If well-managed, this feud can go on for three to four months. It will be a new thing for SD, just like Jeff and Punk last year, so I support this rivalry.

Let Swagger pin Jericho at ER and retain the title. Then Jericho beats Edge for the No. 1 contender’s slot and gets into a feud with him.

If there is a chance this rumor is false, they should continue with the Jericho-Edge feud for the strap.

This feud allows Swagger to develop as a main event player in the WWE, and will get him over with the crowd and will prevent him from being Sheamus part II

Edge-Christian-This can become the long, personal feud I have talked about in a couple of my articles.

Let’s accept it. Christian has huge talent. I would love to see him as champ one day. This could just be the perfect opportunity for him to proclaim to the world that he belongs to the main event scene

It can start with Christian coming to console Edge after losing a match for the WHC title.

Edge can retaliate by saying he does not know anything about it, because he has never won it. Then on the episode of RAW following the PPV, we have the two go one-on-one with Christian winning.

After that, maybe he can go to shake his hand, Edge refuses to do it and maybe attack him. From that point onwards, the rivalry can begin.

This can be the personal rivalry. Edge regularly taunts Christian that he never won the big one, and Christian finally loses it because of this.

The feud between the two of them should last for five to six months. Each person wins an equal number of matches, with Christian winning the last one and shaking hands with Edge afterwards.

Having a long, personal rivalry adds a lot of hype and intensity to each match. It also helps increase viewer ratings.

These guys already have a history. This will be a feud to remember if properly managed.

Punk-Orton (WWE Championship)-Now this can be the main rivalry for the WWE Championship on the RAW Brand for a while. 

It will be a new, unexpected, and never-seen-before kind of a thing.

Orton has been out of the main event scene for quite some time now. Fans love to see him as champion, so he should get back on top.

I chose Punk because he, like Orton, is a deserving candidate. He has been out of the main event scene for quite some time now.

In fact, he is a guy who is fully developed, over enough with the crowd, and a great heel as well.

Imagine two contrasting personalities battling it out for the top prize. It would be awesome.

On one hand, you have a guy who makes people say no to all the wrong things, and on the other hand, you have someone who is an anti-hero.

It would be great to see.

Orton might be on the receiving end of the blows from a stable.In contrast to what happened when Orton was a heel.

With Orton as face this time, he will get a lot of cheers from the crowd.

It brings two deserving talents back into the main event scene. With two contrasting personalities, it will make for a good feud.

John Cena-UnderTaker-This rivalry should happen and has whole lot of advantages.

People have been saying Cena wins a lot of matches. His matches are really predictable.

This feud would be different.

People also say Cena has been in the main event scene for quite some time now—too long.

By involving these two in a three- to four-month long feud, we can surely keep Cena out of the main event scene for some time.

This is how it could begin: After losing the rematch to regain the WWE Title, Cena can come into the ring disappointed. 

Then, he will provoke the crowd to boo him, even though it was unintentional. He could say, "I have been in this industry for a long time and beaten the best like HHH and Michaels at Mania."

Now this can be said just to praise yourself , but can really make the crowd turn against him. After the crowd boos him, Cena can say this is exactly what he has talked about.

Even though he has beaten the best, he does not get the respect he deserves and then while talking he suddenly  throws the mic away, and walks off. This will set the crowd against him.

Later that night, Cena could match up with any face say, HHH so that he is not favored, and this time, he comes the ring without that smile on his face and with no spirited entrance.

Next week, he can be put up in a match with Taker on RAW. He loses, and afterward, when Taker tries to shake his hand, he ignores doing it and walks away.

The same thing happens on SD that week. As a result, he is put in a match with Taker at the next PPV event. He loses again and challenges him for a match at the next PPV. In between, he put up good matches and then loses at the next PPV again.

We have converted him into a heel—or maybe a face who is upset over something. He again asks for a rematch with Taker for the third straight PPV event, and says if he loses, then he will quit the WWE this automatically makes the next PPV have huge buy rates 

This time, the two of them put on a great 20- or 25-minute match that Cena wins clean. Then the two can just shake hands and hug, and maybe Taker can lift Cena’s hand up this time. Then he can return to his normal self.

It solves the debate we are having about turning him heel. It turns him heel but gets a lot of respect from the mature audience because of the storyline. It puts him back as the face, thanks to Taker raising his hand and showing his respect for him. People respect whatever Taker does.

It will lessen the criticism he faces from the mature audience that hates him. It also may be the only time to do it, because I highly doubt that WWE will have its golden boy Cena face Taker at Mania and lose to him.

It can solve a lot of problems. It earns Cena respect and keeps him out of the main events. It also gives us a rivalry between the top two stars of the WWE and provides a great storyline. 

That will make people tune in every time to see what is happening, because of the unexpected turn of events. 

What do you think about my ideas? Will it help the WWE or not? Please comment.


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