Blue Bombers Self Destructing

Joel LefevreAnalyst IJuly 12, 2008

After losing 42-24 to the BC Lions on Friday, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers dropped 0-3 and are in a real dire situation at the basement of the CFL.  After a near Grey Cup win last year with a stone cold rookie quarterback making his first career start the Bombers were picked by many to repeat again this year as Eastern champions, but after 3 games the Bombers look anything but that.  In fact they look more like the Jim Daly coached teamed from 2005 that threw in the towel on the season before the start of the season. 

The Bombers were looking to rebound from a devastating Grey Cup loss last year to finally win a grey cup for the dedicated and most deserving player Milt Stegall.  Thus far it's looking like alot of Stegalls teams have been like throughout his career disappointing and sad to watch.  Having been win less thus far what are the problems?

Well, everything, really. The defence has swallowed over 100 points scored against them in only 3 games, ane the offence hasn't put up more than 24 points.  Last year's runner up MVP looks more like his old self throwing critical interceptions and making poor decisions.

Bottom line this team in greatly underachieving right now and needs to get back to the basics or it could be a long season for them, which would be shame for a team that really would could have possibly won the Grey Cup last year if not for the loss of Kevin Glenn. 

It may not be a bad idea for Doug Berry to bench Glenn and put in Ryan Dinwiddie as he has proved that he has the potential to be a starting QB in this league. If nothing else it could be a wake up call for Kevin Glenn and the offence that is loaded with weapons and talent ot have such a good QB as Dinwiddie.

However, this team needs to relax and get back to doing the things that made them such a valued defence the last 2 years and such an explosive offence.  They're may be no better place for them to start then next week when they have to go to BC to face a BC looking more like the 2006 team that won the cup.