A Dynamite's Review On Wrestlemania 26

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 1, 2010

The grandaddy PPV has passed, leaving us all with mixed reactions. We had a lot of shocking moments ( Swagger's MITB victory), Bret Hart taking revenge for what happened 13 years ago ,at Montreal  and we would also have a huge victory for the phenom, keeping the streak alive thus ending Michales career. 

I would like to combine my comeback to the B/R WC by writing a review, so.. READY? SET? LETS GO

Match 1: ShowMiz(c) def. John Morisson and R-Truth

A solid match to start off the event, good encounters between Miz and Morisson, R-Truth showed us that he  is capable of much and Big Show played well the Bodyguards role. 

The match ended with Big Show hitting his K.O punch on Morisson while he was going for the Starship Pain. Overall good for the time given, but in my opinion the WWE could have used those 3 minutes to make a top-midcard match better, and nobody would have noticed it. Still, a good opening.

Score: 5.5/10


Match 2: Randy Orton def. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes ( Triple Threat match)

A good match, but the ending was the worst possible because it didn't help to elevate nobody. Orton established his babyface status but the ending made both Rhodes and DiBiase look weak. 

I like the beginning when Priceless double-teamed Orton,and when Rhodes attacked DiBiase. Still the ending with Randy giving both an RKO was disappointing. 

Score: 6.5/10


Match 3: Jack Swagger wins MITB Ladder Match.

An enjoyable match. Of course having 10 superstars in one match made a lot of them(especially MVP, and Dolph Ziggler)to be lost in the processes. The most "extreme" moment was Evan Bourne hitting a Shooting star Press from the Ladder. Still, the matched lacked more Ladder falls and extreme moments ( Chokeslam form a ladder anyone?).

At the end Swagger came out victorious, which indeed was a suprise, as most of us expected either McIntyre or Christian to win. 

Score: 7/10

Match 4: Triple H def. Sheamus

Even though I expected a bore fest this match was great. Sheamus aggression made him look a good heel and Triple H played the role of the old school legend quite-well. 

A Sheamus victory would give him a major push but I don't belieave he is ready. Still, the match showed us that the day when Sheamus will beat Triple H isn't far away. the end saw Triple H giving Sheamus a pedigree out of nowhere.

Score: 7/10

Match 5: Rey Mysterio vs C.M Punk

Like the tag team match, solid for the time given (6:30), but overall disappointing. Rey and Punk could have had one of the top matches on the card, but the 6 minutes given weren't enough. 

I loved the ending, because when I was sure Punk would win Rey reversed the GTS to a 619, knocking Gallows off the ropes, and then hitting a frog-splash for the victory. 

A good decision to have Rey stay face, because he is currently one of the top faces, plus he draws Latino-audience. 

Score: 6.5/10

Match 6: Chris Jericho (c) vs Edge (WHW title match)

A huge match. Great chemistry between Y2J and Edge. This match started off slow but after a while things got fired-up. We would have Edge attempting the spear twice only to be countered into the walls, and to a codebreaker. Jericho would also try a spear but Edge would counter it into a big boot.

The end saw Jericho hitting Edge with the title and the with the code-breaker to get the 3 count. Then a frustrated Edge would him him with a spear on the announcers table. 

A great match by two of the bussiness top performers. 

Score: 8/10

Match 7: Heel Divas def. Face Divas

Whatever, another silly Divas match. 3 minutes that could have been used to make the tag team match look more serious or the Rey vs Punk match even better.

At the end Vickie hit a wannabe frog splash, and did a wannabe pin to ensure victory for the heels. Tragic.

Score: 3/10

Match 8(should have been 6 sorry): Bret Hart def. Vince McMahon.

Having Vince screw Vince was a nice idea, plus I like The Hart Dynasty turning face, but the squash match that followed, plus only having one actual wrestling move performed by Bret in a total of 10 minutes was annoying.

The match was 13 years in the making... and the result was a farce. Still I loved the face turn of the Dynasty

Score: 5/10

Match 9: John Cena def. Batista (c) (wwe title match)


A nice match with a typical superman comeback by Cena. The storyline made sense and the match had some nice counters. 

After Batista gave Cena a huge Batista bomb, Cena kicked out and did his typical comeback. The end saw Batista tap out to the STF.

Score: 7.5/10

Match 10: Undetaker def. Shawn Michaels ( Streak vs Career)

Back in the 90s it would be Rock vs Austin, in the 80s Andre vs Hogan, now it was HBK vs Undertaker. Unarguably match fo the decade, and arguably the ebst match off all time. 

Watching the fight of emotions in this match equalled in to taking 3rd year phsycology. Great reversals, countless finishers and signatures and by far the most extreme moment fot he night when Shawn gave a monnsault to the Undertaker on the announcers table.

At the end HBK was slapping Undertaker and shouted at him to let him have it, but at the end Undertaker gave Shawn a brutal jumping tombstone to get the three count. 

A very unexpected finisher, when Shawn was slapping Taker I was 99% sure that Shawn would hit the Sweet Chin music to get the victory. 

Score: 9.5/10

Commentators score: 4/10

Overall Wrestlemania score: 7.5/10