Kenny Florian On The Verge Of Sending Gomi To The Retirement Home!

jason hughesCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2010

  Takanori Gomi was one hell of a fighter, 6 YEARS AGO, but the one time number one ranked fighter in the world has not been good enough to hang with the UFC elite for quite some time.

   Gomi, who has lost every big fight he has ever been in, save the Jens Pulver fight, a fight in which Jens never tried to take him down but remains one of the best pure "boxing " matches to this day in all of MMA.

  Takanori Gomi got the Beat-down of his life several years ago at Rumble On The Rock from BJ Penn, a fight in which a game Gomi had not yet hit his stride, but still showed his terrible grappling skills as Penn routinely took him down the entire fight on his way to a late submission.

  Gomi fared even worse against a "strung out" Nick Diaz, who was actually stung hard by a straight overhand by Gomi, but got his mind back together in time to put on quite the display of punching , wearing down the notoriously out of shape Gomi until he could get him down and end the fight with a gogolaplata, only to have the decision reversed later for the fact that the drug test did not go into Diaz's favor.Figure that!

   Now Takanori Gomi has another top 5 caliber fighter coming up in Kenny Florian and I do not give Gomi a chance in hell.

    Florian is better with his hands now than Gomi, his ground game far exceeds that of Gomi and and his cardio is so much better than Gomi's that it is laughable.

   Takanori Gomi has one shot, one punch to end it, does he have the power that he had when he was on the hot streak  where he could not lose if his life depended on it, no way in hell.

    Every great fighter gets those streaks and Gomi had his, and now Gomi is ready to start another streak, a losing one.If Gomi could catch Kenny I seriously doubt that he could capitalize on his chance, and if this ends up on the ground, Florian will make quick work of the aging veteran.

   Takanori Gomi you had your streak, and you took care of business when you had the chance, but chance isn't on your side any more, and neither is stamina, so I hope people do not expect this to be one of the great UFC fights of all time cause it isn't, if Gomi isn't calling for oxygen by round two, I might be,   shocked that at the fact that Gomi might be in shape, but I am not holding my breath, speaking of breath, does anybody know how to give lung transplants mid- fight?Gomi is gonna need one to win this fight!