Brand-Changing <i>SmackDown Spoiler</i>: You Won't Believe This

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMarch 31, 2010

For those of you who don't read the rumor mill, you probably don't read SPOILERS. Also, some like myself tend to read the rumor mill, but pay no attention to SPOILERS. However, I managed to come across this one from the SmackDown taping last night. I just had time to write my opinions on it, so obviously I'm not the first to write on it.

In any case, I felt my opinion should be shared. You've be warned as far as SPOILERS go.

Jack Swagger cashed in his "Money in the Bank" briefcase on Chris Jericho to win the World Heavyweight Championship. We all saw Swagger cashing it in, but no one figured he'd do it so soon, and more so than that, actually capture the championship.

Some felt he would be the first ever MITB winner to cash in his briefcase and lose against a champion. Most felt that it was perfect timing too, simply because a MITB PPV is coming up in a few months.

However, the WWE decided to go another direction. I personally like it too. Swagger is a young guy in the company and is ready for the main event scene. He was the top guy on ECW for a long period of time last year before going to RAW . He was one of the better heel ECW Champions in WWE's version of the once all-hardcore show.

The one thing I dislike about this is the timing. Chris Jericho was LIVE on WWE NXT last night, and even complained about an injury. Why couldn't the WWE have Christian (whom Jericho attacked and helped his rookie Wade Barrett pick up the win) attack Jericho?

Or why not have Jericho beaten bad enough to have Swagger come out and pick up the pieces? Or why not have Jericho on RAW this past week, and somehow have Edge attack him and have Swagger come out then?

Obviously, there were better ways to go about this. The WWE blew the surprise! Having it done LIVE would be so much better than not, and I know I'm not the only one who feels it was idiotic.

Does Swagger deserve to win the World Heavyweight Title? Heck yeah, but why ruin his big moment?

Sure, Swagger may be on SmackDown a little more because he won the WHC, but having him cash it on SmackDown may be one of the dumber things the WWE has done in recent memory.

Now we also have to wonder how long he will hold it. The Extreme Rules PPV is coming up, and of course the WWE Draft will be before it at some point. Just like last year, there will be many people switching brands. But, as of right now, there are two RAW world champions in John Cena and now Jack Swagger.

So, one of them will have to lose at the ER PPV or get drafted to SmackDown . I've been hearing for a while that Swagger was on tap to go to SmackDown , so it's possible he and Cena could retain at the PPV. Or, Swagger stays on RAW and whoever his opponent is at ER will be the new WHC on SmackDown .

Something gives me the feeling that the WWE may put John Morrison in a feud with Swagger. It seems obvious that the WWE wants to push Morrison to the sky, and what better time to do so where he could realistically beat the reigning champion?

Some of you may be thinking, how is this brand changing?

Well, that's simple.

See, Swagger as champion means that the younger guys on SmackDown will get a shot at the title. Edge-Jericho seems to be going on without a title involved, so count them out and you have Batista, really. But with his feud with John Cena going on, he could easily go to RAW until he retires in a few months.

So it's brand changing simply because we are going to see something we've been asking to see for a while, new blood in the world title mix! It's about time the WWE did it, but we'll have to see how long it lasts.

We'll probably continue to see it because of the MITB PPV coming up soon. It's basically the best thing to push young mid-carders into the main event scene in my opinion.

Some of you may be saying that people such as Christian deserve to be champion instead of Swagger, and I completely agree that Christian deserves a world title (along with Matt Hardy and countless others). But right now, it's Swagger's turn.

Swagger, unlike former young champions such as Sheamus, has beaten top names, and even carried ECW for a while as its top guy. Also, unlike Sheamus, he won a title as a test to see how good he was before winning a world title.

Swagger is good enough to be a world champion, but Sheamus didn't deserve to win his so quickly. The WWE only did it because they wanted to hurry up and make new stars. Swagger may not be the most popular Superstar in the company, but he's good enough in the ring and on the mic to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Some may disagree, but what other young star realistically deserves it more? I can't think of anyone other than John Morrison, who probably will capture it this year.