Dodge This: My Take On Wrestling Top 25

Nadene DodgeCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2008

Everyone has their favorite wrestler, the one that they can't help but watch every week.  I have my favorites also, but the question that was brought to me was who I thought my top 25 was.  This is what I think is the top 25 are.

1.  Triple H

Triple H has been able to retain his title and is still on top of the world.  He is the king of kings and deserves this spot.  You are Number One!

2. Edge

Even though I am sick to death of Edge, he is still making all the fans think "What is he up to!"  He went on SmackDown! Friday night with some plan working in his little brain, you could tell at the end of the show when he proposed to Vickie Guerrero again that it was his plan the whole time.  Due to those thoughts he got the number 2 spot.

3. Taylor

This woman has been fighting with Awesome Kong for weeks and she finally won the title and the money.  She deserves to be put up on the top of the list.  GOOD JOB!

4. CM Punk

Some feel that he didn't deserve the title, and that he received it unfairly.  Well, what ever, opportunity knocked on his door and he let it in.  Just due to the fact that he finally cashed in the money in the bank and got the title he deserves the top of the list.  WAY TO GO! 

5. John Cena

On the last Raw he pulled all the punches with JBL and deserves to be in the top 5.  He worked JBL over and that in itself was the most entertaining show that I have seen in quite a while.  Thank you!

6. Cryme Time

Cryme Time Body Shop had me rolling on the floor laughing so hard I almost had an accident.  They really stepped it up with that one, and for that they are at number 6. I needed that!

7. Batista

Batista is one of my favorite wrestlers and I was happy to see that he won the Fatal Four Way.  He now has a chance at the title.  For winning that match he is at number 7.

8. Kurt Angle

He is still working it.  He might not have had many matches but due to his revenge he has kept me watching, to see what he is up to next.

9. Kofi Kingston

Kofi has amazed me with his matches.  He is able to retain his title and keep everyone wanting to see more.  GOOD FOR YOU!

10. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has stepped it up and is able to retain the title. Due to being able to keep the title and put up a good fight in the process he is number 10.

11. Hornswoggle

This little guy has never said no and keeps coming back.  For that he deserves to be in this list and he puts up a good fight.  KEEP IT UP!

12. Finlay

He does like to fight and is good at putting up that fight.  Due to the matches that he has had in the past he is number 12 on my list.

13. MVP

There is not much to say about MVP, but he does like to talk. He makes you think when he comes out "What now!", and due to that he is number 13 on my list. 

14. LAX

They put up a good fight and are good in the ring.  They make it entertaining when they are in the ring.  This puts them at the 14 spot on my list.

15. Michelle McCool

Michelle holds her own when she is wrestling and that is something I have to respect.  She deserves to be in the number 15 spot.

16. Mark Henry

The Strongest Man has made an impact in the ring.  I like to see who he is going to go after next.  Who's Next?

17. Natalya Neidhart

She wants to be the best and keeps stepping it up. Lets see how far she will go.

18. Jeff Hardy

What can I say?  He has had some good matches and I for one like to watch him in the ring.

19. Mickie James

Mickie hasn't lost the title yet and that keeps her on the list.  She puts up a good fight to keep the title and that puts her in the 19 spot.

20. John Morrison

The only thing that I can say is that he has had some really good matches and that keeps him on the list.  But this is a request that I have, GET RID OF THE ENTRANCE PLEASE!  I hate it.

21. The Miz

The Miz is the same as Morrison and not much to say but the matches.  Due to the matches it is the only reason they are on my list.

22. Samoa Joe

Samoa has been able to retain the title and tick everyone off with his big head.  I for one can't wait to see who will beat him, when he can't hold up that swollen head.

23. The Beautiful People

They are making some noise and have been in some good matches lately.  This is putting them in the 23 spot.

24. Chavo Guerrero

This Guerrero hasn't changed and due to the matches that he has had he is in the 24 spot.

25. Awesome Kong

Kong thought that no one could beat her, she was wrong. Plus, she lost $25,000 with the title.  Due to the match that she lost her title in she is in the 25 spot.

This is my take on the top 25.  This is just my opinion, but I love to share my opinion with anyone who would like to hear it.  So here you go.