Tip Of My Hat, Wag Of My Finger: Bettman, Williams Sisters, Parker and McCarthy

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJuly 12, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you all to my weekly rant. Yes, I’m taking a page of the good ol’ Stephen Colbert book. If he doesn’t like it, he can invite me on his show and unleash his anger!


This is Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger!



First a Wag of my finger to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman 


Over the past year, we’ve been sitting back and watching the ongoing feud between Oiler’s GM Kevin Lowe and Duck’s GM Bryan Burke. I tell you, I haven’t been this interested in Hockey related story off the ice since the times I checked which hockey player Elisha Cuthbert is dating! My guess, Mike Ricci will be getting a call.


But just like an un-cool parent who interrupts you before getting to second base, Gary Bettman orders both Lowe and Burke to cease their public feud. WHY BETTMAN WHY! This feud kept hockey in the headlines, and we get to see two guys argue other than Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton!  


What I would do is install a steel cage during the next NHL All-Star Game and let them go at it! That’s money in the bank.



Next, a Tip of my Hat to Serena and Venus Williams!  


Last week at Wimbledon, this sister act dominated! They are so good, not only they captured the Doubles Championship; they met each other in the Wimbledon finals. And what a show they put on. I haven’t enjoyed seeing sisters go at it this much since I “stumbled” across those “X Rated” movies online...


And now they can finally put to rest rumours that their matches are somehow rigged. I mean, they are a split 8 and 8 against each other!


Good work Sisters.



Another Tip of My Hat goes to Tony Parker!


With the 2008 Olympics from Beijing less than a month away, everyone is going crazy with preparation. Well not Tony Parker!


Last Thursday, Tony Parker and his lovely Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria  were spotted on his yacht while on vacation in Portofino, Italy.


Now, first he gets props for smoking hot wife, but he also gets props for risking his life just before representing France at the Olympics!


How safe is this?  First of all, look at his dingy boat. That thing could pop just like that! And be being dragged by another boat, by a dude smiling!


Parker must have brass balls! So many things could happen. He could drown, get eaten by a shark, the rope could snap and they leave him there. It could happen. A true daredevil! 


Hey Tony, you’re married; you don’t need to impress her anymore!



Finally, a Wag of my Finger to Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy!


McCarthy was at the Boys & Girls Club in Green Bay donating $100,000 to the group. While at the podium, an 11 year old girl asked him about rumours about Brett Favre returning to the team.


Coach McSlick dodged the question, but the kids kept asking about their hero Favre. But Mean Mike refused to directly answer them!


Shame on you Mike! These kids want answers, and you have the heart to say no. You think you can donate $100,000, and then just blow them off. And you have the audacity to say “Which media put you up to this?”. Sure... blame the media! Real classy, what has the media done to you!


I would like to applaud those brave kids asking the hard questions.  They are the future!




And there you have it folks. Tune in next week for another edition of Tip of the Hat, Wag of the finger!