WWE: Tag-Team Turmoil?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJuly 12, 2008

One of my biggest problems with the WWE right now is its lack of tag teams. So I thought I would look for a solution to WWE's tag-team problem.

They could just stop splitting up the teams in the first place; I guess writers can't write good storylines for tag-team feuds. What a bunch of lazy, overpaid dipshits. In the last draft, Brian Kendrick and Trevor Murdoch were both drafted to Smackdown away from their tag-team partners, and why? Well, I wish I could tell you, but I can't think of one good reason.

If WWE wanted to improve its Tag Team Division, it would have done it already. I can't figure out why WWE doesn't want to add move teams to the division I love. Some of my favorite matches came from the era when tag-team wrestling was taken seriously in the WWE. I remember watching Edge and Christian take on the Dudleys and Hardys and think to myself "Now that's wrestling."

When you think of tag-team wrestling, now you think of Cryme Tymeor Finlay and Hornswoggle. They're all just a joke. Alas, there is a silver lining here. I can think of two teams that have hope of doing well in the WWE. John Morrison and The Miz and Team Priceless. They will likely suffer the same fate as London & Kendrick and Cade & Murdoch. WWE will probably split them up like it always does.

Is there another solution besides not splitting them up? Well, WWE could bring in new tag teams. I'm sure there is plenty of young talent in FCW that would jump at the chance to even be featured in WWE. Chances are WWE would then split them up and send them packing or make nice little jobbers out of them; Kenny from the Spirit Squad is a prime example. 

I miss the old tag-team days, when tag teams had purpose and wern't just two singles guys put together.

WWE would really benefit with more quality tag teams around. Back in the day (2000-2002), I used to tune in to Raw looking for The Hardy Boyz to take on Edge and Christian in a ladder match or the Dudley Boyz face the APA in a parking-lot brawl. Yet now I'm forced to watch a leprechaun beat the best tag team WWE has today. What a bunch of bull shit.

Before I go, I want to list every tag team WWE has on the roster today:

(Raw) Cryme Tyme

(Raw) Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

(Smackdown) Jesse and Festus

(Smackdown) Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

(ECW) John Morrison and The Miz

(ECW) Finlay and Hornswoggle

Wow. That really is sad if WWE only has six tag teams. WWE really needs to do something soon!