New UFC Lightweight Jacob Volkmann Confident, Ready for Ronnys Torres

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New UFC Lightweight Jacob Volkmann Confident, Ready for Ronnys Torres

Jacob Volkmann is a young UFC fighter who is coming off of two straight losses to Martin Kampmann and Paulo Thiago. After two fights in which he provided good competition but came just short, Volkmann was understandably frustrated.

Volkmann and Paulo Thiago fought at UFC 106. Despite having the upper hand a few times in the fight, he was, for the most part, trounced by the welterweight contender. However, he obviously got the loss behind him quickly.

"I feel pretty good. I've learned a lot. I've learned what I needed to work on. I just need to stay calmer and whatnot. My main mistake with him (Paulo Thiago) was I had his back three or four times. I tried to put my legs in and he just slipped out and got on top of me."

After a fight that saw him winning before he got caught by Martin Kampmann at UFC 108, Volkmann learned more:

"In the Kampmann fight I learned I just need to work on my hands. I was getting a little carried away with my hands and he's a good, strong counter puncher, he knocked me down a couple of times."

Volkmann fought with Martin Kampmann at UFC 108, and actually was winning the fight for much of the first round. Toward the end, however, he got caught with a big right hand. Kampmann wasted no time in securing a tight guillotine choke, and shortly after, Volkmann was forced to tap.

Volkmann is also confident in his next fight, set for Ultimate Fight Night 21, against Ronnys Torres.

"I feel pretty good. I just need to stay calm. The weight cut isn't going to be a problem, so I'm not worried about that."

Volkmann is a true fan of the sport, one who doesn't get caught up with the media exposure.

"I just like fighting. I grew up on a farm and my dad made me work real hard. I've always grown up competing. In boxing, football, wrestling. I just like the hard work, the satisfaction of winning."

A recurring theme for Volkmann is fighting people who are trying to rebound off of losses.

"Obviously, they're fighting for their job, because if they lose, they're out of there. They won't cut Paulo or Martin, but Ronnys will be if he loses to me. That's what the contract says. If I lose to him I'm out. It will come down to whoever wants it more."

Volkmann graduated from the University of Minnesota, where he was a standout wrestler. He feels like wrestling is his strongest suit, and he thinks that his wrestling is among the best in the division.

When asked about Ronnys Torres and their fight on Wednesday, Jacob Volkmann had a good idea about what his game plan was.

"He'll probably come out and try to take me down and use his jiu-jitsu on me. I'm a really good wrestler, so that's easier said than done for him. I have done well against Paulo and Martin, but I don't want to jinx anything.

"I come from UM, and every guy that I wrestled with was either a three-time or four-time state champion. So wrestling is definitely my strongest suit."

Volkmann also had some strong opinions about his fellow lightweights.

"I think I match up very well with Kenny Florian stylistically. I'm a good wrestler, and Sean Sherk was handling him pretty well. I think I have what it takes to beat him."

Volkmann also had an opinion of BJ Penn that he didn't mind sharing.

"I've trained with him before. He came to UM while I was training Greco. He was doing a documentary on the different aspects of MMA. We trained together. I'm not very impressed by BJ Penn."

All in all, Volkmann came across as confident and determined to beat Torres at UFN 21. This is his make or break fight, and he will do everything in his power to win it.

"I feel great. I've learned just to stay calm, not get excited and make dumb moves. I've learned so much in my last few fights, I feel like a different fighter. I feel quicker. I can't wait to fight on the 31st."


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