Rant About Wrestling Fans: Cena Is a Hero

David BowstonContributor IMarch 30, 2010

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Here's the deal, John Cena is one of, if not the, top guys in WWE. For the past few years he has been king of the WWE mountain, constantly in the spotlight, always the headliner, main-eventer, number one, the champ.

No matter how you say it John Cena has been at the top of WWE for quite some time now, he has held nine world championships, feuded with every top heel I can think of, headlined almost every PPV he has been in. A modern day Hulk Hogan or even Rock.

He has the charisma, mic skills and personality to fit all his accolades but there is only one tiny problem. He can't wrestle!

Now I'm not here to "slag" Cena, quite the opposite in fact.

I have been visiting B/R for the past few months and I have seen nothing but hatred for Cena. Every time I tune into Raw, I see the top face of WWE greeted with boo's, insulting chants and even the odd offensive t-shirt wearing, mother's basement living, should no better adult who sits in the front row with his middle finger directed at Vince's Superman.

I can see the hater's point to a certain extent, this is wrestling and John Cena lacks technical, in ring skills. However, unfortunately we are in the "PG Era", where Raw is based more on entertainment rather than wrestling ability in order to gain a larger fan base and ultimately make more cash for V.K.M.

Now what Cena lacks in wrestling ability, he more than makes up for with his promo's, his charisma and most importantly his determination. You can't say John Cena doesn't work hard for the WWE.

Put yourself in Vince McMahon's shoes, you have this guy who is your top draw superstar, makes you the most money on merchandise, parents all over the world are flooding to order the next PPV in order to see lil' Jimmy's hero, a clean cut, PG, charismatic, determined guy who has the perfect look to be the face of the company.

Would you honestly push him to the back?

Would you honestly say, "No, I'll not make millions of dollars out of this guy, I'll go against the majority of fans, I'll side with the few fans who are willing to complain about my company for every mistake I make. I'll make all the kids who tune in week in, week out regret their decision to watch my show and lose interest because I'll drop this guy into the lower card in a dead end feud just because his ability doesn't cater the need of hardcore wrestling fans"?

No, you wouldn't.

Listen, WWE is 60% percent entertainment, 40% percent wrestling nowadays, and Vince has to cater to that, and Cena is the perfect guy. It's like being an NFL coach and dropping your star quarter back because he isn't a fast runner. It's illogical not to have John Cena at the top.

Now I know I'm very unlikely to convert most of you and I know John Cena isn't the ideal face of WWE but the smart folk out there will understand that when the times change, you have to go with the demand in order to succeed. John Cena is the demand and WWE is succeeding business and entertainment wise and for now we'll just have to deal with it.


I'd like to say thanks for those who read this article, I used to be a regular on B/R but I had some personal problems and haven't had the time to get on and air my opinions. Go easy on me, I'm probably a little rusty.