No Team Bond-ing? Why Barry Has No Suitors

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJuly 12, 2008

Major League Basball's home run King.  Bay Area's Best.  Baseball's Greatest. 

These are all titles that could very well fit beside Barry Bond's name.  Then why wouldn't a single major league team be interested in signing the slugger in 2008, or after for that fact?


This is a word that fits well after all those titles as well.  Barry's history, and career since allegations of steroid use have been plagued by this one word, thus frightening away many  teams.  But it isn't the only word that has done the trick.

Age.  Knees.  Use.  Attitude.  Need.  Court. 

All very subtle, but strong words that may be used to account for Barry's eligibility right now.

His age certainly isn't getting any better, and as a result, many question whether the old slugger still has any gas left in the tank.

As a result of his age, his knees won't be getting any better either.  His ability to play the outfield has been gone for quite awhile, and that leaves teams without the next word.

Use.  His use on many MLB clubs is no longer pertinent.  If a team could use Bonds, I'm sure he'd be signed right now.  Unless...

His attitude can also be somewhat of a nuisance.  Barry hasn't had the best uplifting spirit throughout his ordeals, and that may leave teams wondering if he's a team player.

This coincides with use, but his need within the league is very limited.  MLB used to need Bonds to be a poster boy for all it stood for.  Now, he's almost everything it stands against.

Last but not least is court.  What team wants a player that can't play a steady schedule?  With his ailing body, and his constant court dates, this doesn't make him very accessible for a season.  And this all leads back to the topic of this article.

Distraction.  If Barry Bonds isn't the ultimate in that category, then I don't know who is.  Sorry Bonds fans, but last year may have been the last year of Bond's long career.  Hope it was fun.