Maya Moore and Tina Charles Call-Out Kentucky's Wall and Cousins (Satire)

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIMarch 30, 2010

ST. LOUIS - APRIL 05:  Maya Moore #23 of the Connecticut Huskies peeks around a celebrating Tina Charles #31 as former Connecticut player Rebecca Lobo looks on on April 5, 2009 during the Womens Final Four Semifinals at the Scottrade Center on April 5, 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri. Connecticut defeated the Stanford Cardinal 83-64.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

Upon being named to the All-American team by the Associated Press, UConn's Maya Moore and Tina Charles decided to call-out Kentucky's John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins. Charles and Moore said that the women's tourney doesn't present enough competition and roughness for them. As a result, they decided to challenge the two Men's All-American All-Stars to a two-on-two match after the Huskies' tournament win. Sounds like the UConn girls are getting a bit conceded.

John Wall has refused to comment on the challenge, but DeMarcus Cousins responded by saying, "I'm not gonna lie, these women are tough. I wouldn't be surprised if they would be able to defeat us. Tina and Maya have a great future ahead of them in the WNBA. I hope the same is for me and John next year. Oops!" 

Looks like Cousins spilled the beans on this one and declared that John Wall and him will enter the NBA Draft. Does that scare the women? Absolutely not. They have presented the idea to the NCAA committee to consider this as an official game. If this is approved, the Huskies could make their winning streak even longer and more impressive.

Coach Calipari boldly stated that "Moore and Charles should avoid this for their own good." Moore responded by flexing and doing the John Wall dance.

These women are fearless. The Wildcats' Wall reassured that statement and tweeted, "I will not comment on the challenge, but will say that these women are beasts."

According to Tina Charles the following will be the guidelines for the match:


  • The free-throw line will be moved in five feet for the Kentucky men. 
  • Medical assistance will be on the court's sidelines and will follow Wall and Cousins across the court on every play. 
  • Charles and Moore will play shoeless and will have ten pound weights around their ankles. 
  • Wall and Cousins will be allowed to call timeouts to repair their wheelchairs after the first quarter. 
  • The last five minutes of the final quarter will be played blind-folded by the Huskies' women.


If the men win, the women will be required to make Wall and Cousins a six foot sandwich for each member of the Wildcats. If the women win, Wall and Cousins will have to have the faces of Maya and Tina tattooed on their arms with the words "Beat by a Girl."

If Wall decides to back out of the challenge he will be considered a "chicken" by Moore and will live the rest of his life with that upon his back. Like so many times during the season, the game is on Wall's shoulders. Will he come through?