DickRod: More Trouble Than He's Worth?

IRISHsubway FANCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2008

Coach Rich Rodriguez; can this guy bring any more scandals to the University of Michigan (that's scUM, for all you Michigan haters)?

Personally, I have no problem with a guy that impregnates a cheerleader, but I do have a problem when that man is an unethical HC at a major university. In my opinion, Rich Rodriguez is a horrible human being.  

This man, after leaving WVU early, tries to say he was coerced into signing his contract at the school and should not have to pay his $4 million buyout. Oh, thy coerced him using that old trick: "Sign this contract or you will not be getting millions of dollars!" Poor DickRod had no choice but to sign.

Then, while still employed at WVU, but getting ready to depart for Michigan, he began poaching recruits that had originally signed on to play for him at WVU, and was bringing them along to his new school. West Virginia was defenseless against this attack because he still worked in Morgantown.

Upon arriving at the University of Michigan, he hired a guy from his old school, he's been accused of being a racist -- and still planned on not paying WVU at all. He brought the drama with him.

Now, with that there is a lot of speculation as to the fact that we don't know if he is racist or not, but there has been accusations, and it is more trouble that RichRod brings to the table.

Currently, in order to allow him to focus on coaching, UM has settled with WVU. UM will be putting up $2.5 million on the buyout, while DickRod pays off the rest over an extended period of time.

As far as the important things, Coach Rodriguez is a decent coach. He brings the spread offense, a different style of defense, and new recruits to the table (old recruits from WVU, but I digress). However, he lacks the personnel to run this offense efficiently, i.e. lack of a speedy upper class QB, which is one of the most important attributes in this style. His arrival alone made Freshman QB Ryan Mallett transfer, knowing that his pocket passing style would not fit any longer. Ryan Mallett was as highly sought after as current Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen and Arkansas/USC's Mitch Mustain during the three's high school years.

In a year or two, Michigan will more than likely return to the football powerhouse they usually are, but for 2008-09, expect a horrible down year.

Also, in my opinion, Michigan's offense was explosive, and would-be sophomore Mallett was more than ready to take it over, so did scUM really need to take in RichRod and change everything? And will one bad year the limit for Michigan?

Also, I ask Michigan fans, are you happy with this new coach and the offense he brings?