Not-News News: Tuberville Making More Changes at Texas Tech

Alli MContributor IMarch 30, 2010

If anybody is familiar with some SEC traditions, you will know that the Team Walk is something that the fans look forward to. It's a good recruiting tool, and it brings the players and coaches to the level of the fans.

This particular tradition started at Auburn University.  

I had the opportunity to experience Tiger Walk in the Fall of 2008; Auburn versus Georgia.  

It was my first full on SEC game, and it was not Auburn's best season, but I was excited to experience different traditions and see different coaching and playing styles from what I was used to at Tech.  

The above picture is one that I snapped of Tuberville at Tiger Walk during my stay in Alabama.  

It was a unique experience and one that needs to stay in the SEC.  

Tuberville announced that he is going to host a "Raider Walk" for the Red and Black game on April 17 .

Of all the things that are changing with Tuberville at the helm, traditions should not change.  

By implementing Raider Walk, Tuberville is going to take away from the Goin' Band's March Over tradition.  

This tradition has been around ever since the Tech band was coined "The Goin' Band."  Unlike at Auburn, Texas Tech likes their marching band.

Also, Tech's tailgating is not set up like most university tailgating. It is highly regulated and restricted. Most people have to walk a fair distance away from their tailgating to the stadium. Therefore, in order to make Raider Walk successful, Tech would have to lift some tailgating regulations for people to interact with the event.  

Jones stadium is not designed for a Raider Walk. There are two main entrances into the stadium: (excluding the ticket boxes, etc) West and South tunnels.  

Those tunnels go straight to the locker rooms and the stadium itself. Usually these tunnels are difficult to get to unless you are associated with the bands or football teams. Jones does not have cool side entrance doors that face a main intersection of tailgating, like Jordan-Hare does at Auburn.

Yes, this is petty talk, but traditions are something that each school takes pride in.  I am not pro-Raider Walk.  

This is something that Tuberville needs to learn about Tech, and Lubbock in general: Lubbock, Texas is not Auburn, Alabama, or the SEC.  We don't have trees and we don't take traditions from other schools.  

We start traditions.

(you hear that UTexas: *cough* March Grandioso)