Say What? Could Memphis Win The National Championship Next Season?

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Say What? Could Memphis Win The National Championship Next Season?

The Memphis Tigers finished 24-10 overall this year. That may seem to some like a successful season, but the Tigers missed the NCAA tournament, went to the N.I.T, but got eliminated by Ole Miss. Now the focus for the Tigers is on next season. The Tigers are most likely to go into the next season with the #1 recruiting class, which comes as a surprise to some since John Calapari departed for Kentucky.

But young coach Josh Pastner has done an excellent job in recruiting and has gotten some young players that could turn Memphis into a NCAA powerhouse once again. But could Memphis win the National title? It's definitely not impossible, with the recruiting class that they are bringing in, they could easily be the most talented team in the country next season.

If the Tigers are to be a legitimate title contenders, Elliot Williams there leading scorer must come back. He will bring the experience that Memphis would need. Experience would certainly be a key in the tournament, just ask Kentucky. If the Kentucky Wildcats brought back Jodie Meeks they would be in the Final Four right now.

Elliot Williams would also benefit from coming back. The sophomore led the Tigers in scoring this season. Despite averaging 18 points per game he still needs to improve more on the offensive end of the ball. He did improve his 3 point shooting  from last season but I still was not impressed with the 36% shooting from downtown. He really needs to improve his free throw shooting  he shot 75% from the free throw line which in my opinion is not good at all for a guard, if you want to be a starting shooting guard in the NBA you must be a good free throw shooter.

Williams is a good, but not great lock down defender. In some games I saw he struggled a little defensively. But I think he can improve if he comes back for another year.

It would be hard not to pick the Tigers as favorites for national championship. But they are not a guarantee. You have to play the games first. You can have a bunch of talent on your squad but you have coach them up as well. They have to stay out of trouble, they have to get along. If those things don't happen you can forget about the tournament much less a national championship.

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