Shawn Michaels: Will The Heart Break Kid Really Stay Retired?

John BetschelCorrespondent IIMarch 30, 2010

ORANGE, CA - MAY 08:  Wrestler Shawn Michaels  arrives at the Lions Gate Premiere of 'See No Evil' at the Century Stadium Promenade 25 on May 8, 2006 in Orange, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The inevitable happened last night at Wrestlemania XXVI, Shawn Michaels played Russian roulette with his career, and lost.

Of course I'm talking about his match vs. The Undertaker, in which he put his career up against the streak.

It was the reverse of what happened back at Wrestlemania XXIV, when Michaels faced Ric Flair, with Flair's career on the line.

Michaels didn't want to end Flair's career, but Flair egged him on, and Michaels sweet chin musics Flair straight into what we thought at that point was going to be retirement.

This time, The Undertaker was ready to end it all, but stopped in pity for Michaels, and for not wanting to end his career. But Michaels mocked, then slapped The Undertaker which led to a HUGE Tombstone and the 1,2,3.

Michaels came out on Raw yesterday and gave his whole farewell speech with The Undertaker coming out and tipping his hat to Michaels.

HHH also came out and hugged Michaels and showed his support.

But the main thing that everyone is probably asking themselves, "Is Michaels going to stay retired?"

There have been allot of wrestlers who claim that they are going to retire, such as Mick Foley, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan.

All have claimed retirement, only to come back and wrestle a couple years, or even a few months later.

Shawn Michaels did seem serious about staying retired though.

When the fans were all chanting "one more match," Shawn said that he, "didn't want to go back on his word to the fans, and didn't want to go back on his word to The Undertaker," regarding his retirement. That he was going to do everything in his power to make that not happen.

So the way things are looking now, and the way Michaels is talking, he just might be one of the only wrestlers to stay retired, after they say they are going retire.

Only time will tell though, but if it is for good, then I'll just say this, "Shawn Michaels has now left the building"

For those who don't know, when Michaels first started with his whole sexy boy gimmick and had Sensational Sheri as his manager, he would always wrestle during the first half of live events and his departure was announced as so. Thus him saying on Raw, "that’s how it started and that’s how its gonna end."