Pacquiao-Clottey: Cutting Through the Media Barricades

Lord Hughey Windsor-Sanchez Correspondent IMarch 30, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - MARCH 13:  (R-L) Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines throws a right to the head of Joshua Clottey of Ghana during the WBO welterweight title fight at Cowboys Stadium on March 13, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. Pacquiao defeated Clottey by unanimous decision.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

If a web site wants to get it’s 5 million quota of daily hits, they can’t say anything bad about the guy. Even ESPN have learned that.


After 200 death threats, and mass boycotts over renowned “good guy” Teddy Atlas probably doing little wrong but probably telling it how it is, they aren’t going to make the same mistake twice.


Queue Dan Rafael turning from impartial “other good guy” to prime ball licker in about three months since the event.


Trying to convince the world that 700,000 pay per views, and landing 20 percent of your punches against a brawler like Joshua Clottey is some sign of PPV legend greatness.


Ironically, Rafael now gets cat calls of bias and “sell out” from the other lot now. I quote a comment:

“I can’t even read you any more. You sold out. Bias. Hate. You can’t go two minutes without sucking up to Pacquiao. Whatever pays the bills.”


You know, I know boxing. Really well. I was in the crowd during Hagler versus Hearns.  I know full well when I’m being defrauded by writing.


I have a feeling a lot of reasoned, unbiased, none partisan fans feel the same way when they read a lot of the coverage on this bout.


Firstly, 700k PPVs for “the greatest draw in the history of the world,” PFP 1, Manny Pacquiao, is plain average. Especially in today's climate.


A lot of his PPV shows have been average.


Hatton was average – only 800k

Marquez was awful – only 400k

Morales III was even worse – only 200k

Oscar was terrible. A lot of the defrauders try and claim it was 1.25 million (Arum's phony figure). HBO says it was a measly 900k.


Million+ PPV sales for Pacquiao are rare. They happen about once every 40 fights. Let’s cut to the chase.


It’s happened once.


It’s no good comparing it to 1990s PPV sales, and Oscar. Granted, Oscar did have 600k shows now and then. But this was in an era, when there were only three, million+ PPV shows in the entire decade.


Hardly any fights even made it onto PPV in the 1990s. It was much rarer. They were pushed and financed nowhere near as heavily.


Oscar/Tyson were phenoms for selling 700k in the 1990s, as the next nearest PPV that year was…well, there wasn’t even another PPV fight that year.


Put Oscar versus Tito in 2010, and it would sell 3 million. Break all records. Make no mistakes.


700k in 2010 is plain average. It’s not much more than Cotto vs. Clottey. Hatton vs Castillo (a non-event) did similar numbers.


The biggest draws in boxing in 2010, should be topping 800-900k for almost any opponent. Any name, they should threaten a million.


Clottey was a good name, and a good opponent. And the authors on here who two months ago were guaranteeing me that it would sell a million, are now trying to convince me that 700k is miraculous.


HBO, Pacquiao, Arum, will be very disappointed with the number. As they were for De la Hoya, Hatton, Diaz, Marquez, Morales, Barrera, and nearly all of Pacquiao’s big fights.


Real draw will be demonstrated in May, when Mayweather follows up 2.5 million for Oscar, and 1.8 million for Hatton, and 1.3 million for Marquez, with possibly over 2 million for Mosely. 1.5 million, bare minimum.


As for the fight. Again. You are being duped friends. The only place you can get the truth about Pacquiao fights are on fan sites, who aren’t on someone’s payroll, with web hit quotas to meet.


Boxingnews24 had a pretty accurate article. Which mirrored most knowledgeable fans opinions. And mine.


Pacquiao was plain exposed.


Really. Joshua Clottey is a decent, accurate, counter punching fighter. Little more.


The ease that he landed on Pacquiao, was bordering on embarrassing. He beat Pacquiao to the punch almost every time he tried. It was Marquez, all over again. If he’d done it a bit more, he’d have probably have beaten him.


No doubts under instructions from Uncle Bob to not upset his Payday, and just give him 12 decent rounds. Pacquiao pays Clotteys wages as well remember.


Other than the EASE that Clottey hit him with power shots. As in, every time he threw one, it landed. Pacquiao was not fast enough to beat him to the shot.


Paquiao only landed 200 shots.  Against a fighter I consider to be pretty darn average on the defensive front. After throwing 1200 (his highest total punch output, before he hooked up with the BALCO twins Graham/Grant was 810 by the way).


The more shocking thing for me was just how plain slow he was.


I’ve never bought the fact that he was that fast. Fast if he’s facing a slow opponent (the type Roach tends to hand pick) who is easy to hit, and gives little back.  


He looked pretty average on the speed front if you ask me. Even when he was throwing shots against a static target, throwing nothing back, he looked slow.


He was nowhere near quick enough to hit Clottey full, without taking even bigger shots back.


Marquez all over again. And why Roach cherry picks his opponents so closely.


Foreman = too tall

Mosely = “too strong at 147” (Roaches own words)

Marquez = “This is over” (Pacquiao’s own words after getting a ludicrous decision). You know pac, it’s seen decent to give opponents an automatic rematch if you don’t get a clean decision (see Mayweather/Castillo)

Mayweather = he won’t let us take EPO.


As a person who really knows boxing, and who’s not prone to getting involved in all the hype, I have a few conclusions.


1: Manny isn’t the biggest draw in boxing. He’s a draw, but nothing special. I think most of his shows in the last three to four years have been at least 300k below what they should be.


2: A lot of his recent form since being embarrassed by counter puncher Marquez, is just careful Roach match making. It’s quite evident to me that he’s not the same fighter against anyone with any real accuracy, speed, or defensive skills. Clottey was able to land on him at will. Pacquiao offered no damaging shots back in return.


3: He’s not very fast. Just like with Marquez, he struggled to land shots, on a decent defensive fighter. Throwing single punches, Clottey was the quicker fighter in my opinion. Just like Marquez was. Manny even looked slow when Clottey was offering nothing back. Almost slugged.


He’s not slow. But he’s not as fast as they hype-merchants claim. Nowhere near Mayweather, Leonard, Jones level. Elite hand speed.


I’d maybe rank him with Juan Diaz, Paulie Malignaggi. That sort of level. Good. Not great.


4: Roach is the smartest trainer in the world, for dragging him out of both the Marquez third fight, and then the Mosely bout, and then that Mayweather fight. Try and scare the guy off with “weight demands” and “ring size demands” and “$10 million weight fines.” And glove demands. When that doesn’t work, run a mile, when they make a demand back.


I don’t think you’d find many knowledgeable pundits, or fans, in boxing who would claim the guy would be anything but embarrassed against a fighter as quick, defensively brilliant, or as skilled as Mayweather.


If you are landing 20 percent of shots against a clown like Clottey, you can maybe take 10 percent off for Mayweather. I think he’d struggle to land 100 shots. Just like Marquez did. And Marquez is a heck of a lot more accurate than Manny.


How easily did Clottey beat Pacquiao to the punch when he wanted to? How easily did he land shots on him. As in, he landed almost every shot he threw.



Pacquiao would be smart to stick to the Margaritos and Yuri Foremans, and keep on staying away from Moselys and Mayweathers.


Just use his usual tactic. Rely on his minions and fans, to blindly defend him, and blame everything on Mayweather.


(see my other article about an author continually repeating “65 percent” claims as fact, when they are obviously false)


Let’s look at the facts. Really. Since Marquez beat him, he’s faced:


David Diaz






And his next opponent may well be Antonio Margarito.


A greater feat of stage managed hype I have never seen by Arum.


Imagine Pacquiao actually sharing a ring with Mayweather. Ha. I think he could well end up making Marquez’s effort look pretty good.











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