Boxing Myths: Where Are the Facts?

Lord Hughey Windsor-Sanchez Correspondent IMarch 30, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - MARCH 13:  Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines celebrates in the ring after defeating Joshua Clottey of Ghana during the WBO welterweight title fight at Cowboys Stadium on March 13, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. Pacquiao defeated Clottey by unanimous decision.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

As there is suddenly a ready made market for it in Pacland, authors feel justified for such bias, cynicism, and shoddy claims.

Boxing writing is in trouble and filled with increasing amounts of biased and partial inflammatory rubbish.

Writers are doing their best to incite hatred, through unscrupulous, unsourced claims, and constantly trying to convince the world to back "their guy".

However, there is a new sheriff in town.

You know how it is, there is always the "super fan" of one fighter, who continuously writes writes annoying, misleading articles about rival fighters, to either try and stoke up mutual dislike, or plainly, to feed his own ego.

It is corrupt, as if right and wrong no longer exists, or fact and fiction no longer matters.

Bad writers now feel vindicated, protected and it is my job to expose them.

I am going to cut through the cronyism and start showing you, what they are doing.

For today's lesson, lets take a look at, “Manny Pacquiao Puts the Heat on Floyd Mayweather, Jr.” by Bill Cody.


"When word came down today from HBO that the Manny Pacquiao-Joshua   Clottey fight did 700,000 buys, you could hear Leonard Ellerbe smashing furniture in his office in Las Vegas all over the country.

I’m sure Cody could work for a top rank public relations' firm with a statement like this.

Especially seeing as the same writer has been telling us for weeks that it would “do over a million”.


That's because there's no way his fighter Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will be able to demand a 65-35 split in a proposed fight with Manny Pacquiao in the fall without coming across as a chicken."

Floyd Mayweather has never made any demand whatsoever for 65 percent of the purse, although the author has made this claim eight separate times, in eight separate articles—many times when it has no reflection at all on the articles context.

He has also never once provided any source or evidence for his claim, which makes me think it is fake.

More than likely, Cody continues to write it in every articles, as he’s trying to create a false web rumour to vindicate Manny Pacquiao, if he does not end up taking the fight.  

I challenge the author to provide any actual source to the claim that Mayweather has demanded 65 percent, other than himself. 

The truth being, he continues to push the false claim, as "coming across as a chicken," is the exact image he is trying to set up for Mayweather, should the fight not happen.


“And Floyd has already declared that that's what he will be looking for in any contract negotiations in the future."

Other than claiming on a radio interview that Pacquiao, "may lose a couple of million," when he was asked, "what would be the scenario if the Clottey PPV bombed, and your Mosely fight breaks records?"

This statement is totally false and is backed up with no sources whatsoever.


“Of course, that demand was predicated on Money's belief that he would crush Pac-Man in PPV buys this spring, something that is very debatable now.”

The demand is fictional.

The author hasn’t provided a single shred of evidence, quote, or source, showing that Mayweather has demanded 65 percent.

Nearly all of my findings, after searching the web vigorously to find any source, fact, or vindication to back up the authors consistent claim that Mayweather, "has made demands for 65 percent of the purse,"were either from this author's articles, articles that source these articles, or fan posts which source these articles.

The only actual reference I can find to, "Mayweather demanding 65 percent," other than these articles, is a forum post, dated November 2009, claiming that Mayweather had demanded 65 percent in the original negotiations.

As history tells us, the truth is that it was actually 50/50, and the fight fell through because neither party could agree on drug testing.

Nothing remotely financial.

I'm starting to believe that this claim is based on little more than malicious fan rumours and is hardly high journalistic ethic.

HBO is predicting over two million dollars in Pay Per View sales for the  Mosely vs. Mayweather fight and many think it could possibly break the all time PPV record.

I think it’s quite obvious that it will sell double, with the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight at the bare minimum.


Those factors are:

1. Mayweather's own lackluster performance against Juan Manuel Marquez last September. It was a real stinker.”

Again, as usual, I struggle to understand what these claims are based on. Other then blind hatred.

Mayweather vs. Marquez sold for 1.25 million dollars and most people who bought it considered it a boxing masterclass.  

Floyd has sold over a million PPVs with his last three opponents, and will quite obviously do that, and more with his fourth.


2.   Shane Mosley's less than stellar ability to put any fannies in the seats during his career. Sugar Shane only draws when he's matched with someone who draws.

I actually agree with this even though he gets the point hopelessly wrong.

Shane Mosely is no draw.

He’s only sold a million PPVs once in his entire career and that was against Oscar.

He has spent the vast majority of his career fighting for bum cheques, as he can’t sell.

The author, once again, probably through blind hatred, fails to accept that Floyd Mayweather is without doubt, the biggest PPV draw in boxing at the moment, and maybe of all time, if he sells over 1.5 million PPV's against Mosely.


3.   The lack of any either fighter to excite some of boxing's core audience groups. Like any kind of entertainment boxing has certain age and ethnic groups who make up its core audience.

I put this statement down to show basic lack of knowledge, mixed with an attempt to justify a point he can’t possibly make.

Boxing’s core audience are American fighters and American viewers.

It’s as simple as that really.


Neither Mayweather nor Mosley regularly bring in Latino, Asian, or English fans unless they are fighting Latino, Asian, or English fighters. Those are three very big audiences that will be MIA for their bout in May.  

Again, this statement has a real lack of knowledge.

Quite surprising, but ultimately true, Mayweather has a big Mexican following.  

He has even been known to turn up to events wearing sombreros, to thank his fans there.

Mayweather also has a by far bigger audience in the UK than Pacquiao.

Mayweather sold 850 thousand PPVS in the UK alone for the Hatton fight, more than the entire PPV sales for Hatton vs. Pacquiao.

The author is probably guilty of getting caught up in hype, and letting his ego override actual facts.

I think he is just making up “facts” to back up a cynical, pre-planned point.

The point he is trying to make is, even though Pacquiao, in general gets nowhere near Mayweather PPV sales, he is in fact a bigger draw.

The Asian PPV audience is absolutely tiny. 

It’s not even worth talking about.  

China, Singapore, and Japan have no interest in boxing.

Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia have a greater interest, but are third world countries. 

The Pacquiao vs. Clottey PPV had less than 50 thousand sales in all of Asia.

Bob Arum originally, inadvertently claimed that it was 25,000 in fact, when he accidental let it slip out that he was expecting, “25,000 sales to be added to the total once one of our markets comes in.”

That market being Asia, which always gets added last to totals.

Creating a mixture of blind faith, and total bias, just to make a series of completely wrong points.


“Mayweather better pull out all the stops in the upcoming 24/7 series. Because even with all its hype,   Mayweather-Mosley will be lucky to edge out Pacquiao-Clottey in terms of PPV buys.”

Again. Gobsmacked.

I struggle to understand how a featured writer can seemingly ignore all fact and reason to come up with points like this.

There comes a point when you surely have to rise above whether you love or hate a fighter.

Take a straw poll across all boards. The vast majority of fans think that the fight will easily clear one million sales.

Sorry Arum, It’s just a given.

There is absolutely no chance whatsoever it will sell less than one million, let alone 700 thousand. HBO’s own estimates are that it could well make over two million.

For various reasons that I will go into later on, ESPN states that they think it could even threaten the two and a half million PPV record.


“That will not be enough to make any great demands on Pacquiao's camp during negotiations.Which means if Mayweather ends up demanding 65-35, he'll end up losing the battle with Pac-Man in most people's eyes. Even if the two fighters never square off in the ring.”

Again Arum, even in this article alone, this is the third  time you have tried to re-assert the false, unsourced, unquoted claim that Mayweather has ever made any demand for 65 percent of the purse. 

You seemingly, inadvertently explain away your motives, in the exact same sentence.


“H e'll end up losing the battle with Pac-Man in most people's eyes. Even if the two fighters never square off in the ring.”

In continuing to claim that Mayweather has demanded 65 percent of the purse, with no quotes or sources to back any of this up, (as it simply never happened outside the mind of the author) aren’t you just trying to give the “moral high ground” to your guy Pacquiao, if the fight never happens.

“Mayweather was demanding 65 percent. Manny was right to not fight the chicken on those terms. He’s trying to price him out to duck the fight. Role on Pacquiao versus the dry dusty bones of Jake LaMotta, for 500k ppv sales”.

Provide one, single source, to back up your completely false, misleading claim that Mayweather is somehow demanding 65 percent of the purse in future negociations.



What is this article actually about?

A writer trying to re-affirm, the totally false, unsourced, unquoted claim, that Mayweather is demanding "65 percent of the purse," in an attempt to try to give the moral high ground to his hero, Manny Pacquiao, should the fight not happen.

And to not place any blame to his own guy, ss the fight has quite obviously not happened for the sole reason that he won't take any drug tests.

Nothing financial.

The fight won't happen in the future due to drug testing, not purse demands.

Something the author knows, hence his crusade, to continually try and spread around the net, the false rumour that Mayweather is demanding 65 percent of the purse.

So I implore you, the author, to please submit the source material which you are basing your claim on, so it can be rightly scrutinised for it's authenticity.

If you are unable to do this, please stop stating this as fact, on a web site that credits itself for accurate and professional articles.

Fact. Truth. Reasoning.

These have no place in boxing writing now.

As long as authors have 3,000 people from one country telling them how right they are, they feel justified.

The crime being that new fans to the sport actually take claims like, "demanding 65 percent of the purse," as fact. 

Something the author probably realises.

I challenge the author to respond, with factual, sourced information, to counter any of my own retorts

The Sheriff has spoken.


1/4 update.


In reply to Victor, 13, from conneticut.

Pacquiao's legacy is different, depending on whether your a fanatic of his or not.  Most sane fans realise he has either lost, struggled, drawn, or got a lucky decision in most of his legacy fights, against peak, HOF opponents.

Morales 1, Marquez 1 and 2, Barrera 2.

What's more, he's criminally ducked Marquez for a number of years. As well as refusing to fight Mosely and Mayweather recently.

You'll get away with claiming he's "Top 10 all time" on sites like this. As in places that are flooded with Paclanders to sooth your ego. You'll be laughed out of the building in any none-partisan place, that the Phillipines hasn't found yet.

Pacquiao and Mayweather are both somewhere between 20-30 of all time. Only way either will break the top 20, is if one beats the other.

Once the hype dies down, and you guys move on to another "idol" to worship, there isn't a chance in hell Pacquiao will be rated higher than Mayweather, unless he beats him. Especially if/when Mayweather whups another HOF guy in Mosely.

Why? Pac's lost most of his "legacy" fights. Against the real elite, peak, HOF guys.

Mayweather has whupped them all.

You may be able to convince fellow Paclanders that a peak Morales or Marquez, was actually a tougher opponent than say Mosely or Coralles.  And that's why he got whupped.

Anyone with a brain realises that Mayweather has beaten Morales/Marquez level opponents with ease.

By the way, please answer with actual facts. Not your usual

"Pacquiao Legacy as the best of all time. Mayweather legacy as a bum"



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