Virginia High School Hoops: Basket Bingo a Success for Lady Cougars

Cody DaltonContributor IMarch 30, 2010

Basketball team raises needed funds


DUBLIN – Saturday’s “Lady Cougar Basket Bingo” was a success for the girl’s basketball program at Pulaski County High School. 35 people attended the event, which raised $1,678 dollars for the Lady Cougar basketball program.

The Lady Cougar Basketball Boosters extends a thank you to all of the sponsors and businesses for helping to contribute to a successful fundraiser. Many used the event to cope with the ongoing round of snow storms that have been going on. Kathy Whitaker drove all the way from Galax to participate and have a good time playing with family.

“It’s a great way to get out from the cabin fever,” Whitaker said. “It’s going towards a good cause and you get to take your prizes home. We love it. This is what we do. We go far and wide to bingo. Not just bingo, but basket bingo.”

Sally Quesenberry came to the event to enjoy compete for the Longaberger baskets, play bingo, and support the team.

“I like Longaberger baskets and I like to play bingo,” Quesenberry said. “It helps that it is going towards a good cause.”

Jayvee coach Tiffany Payne, who helped organize the event, was pleased with the end result, but was mindful of what the turnout could have been after delaying the initial event due to weather.

“We had a good turnout,” Payne said. “The only thing that hurt us when it came to the amount of money we could have brought in was that we had to cancel it once. If we could have had it on the original day, I think we could have had a better turn out. With the people we had here, it has been great. It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.”

Among the bingo winners were Brenda Riggins (twice), Nicholas Chaffin (twice), Kevin Thomas, Stacy Whitaker, Frances Kemeny (twice), Kathy Whitaker, Linda Boadwine, Jamie Rasmussen (three times), Amy Myers, Tiffany Payne, Mike King (twice), Gayle Duncan, Carli Brewer (twice), Susan Holcomb, and Faith Chrisley.

Winning door prizes were Carli Brewer, Mike King (twice), Kathy Whitaker, Jamie Rasmussen, Brenda Riggins (twice), Peggy Dalton, Lori King, Shannon Honaker, Debbie Fogarty, Kelli Duncan, Susan Holcomb (twice), Linda Boadwine, Stacy Whitaker, Keith Thomas, Faith Chrisley (twice), Jordan Chrisley, and Rhonda Chrisley.

The Boosters have another event scheduled this month, as they will be conducting a fundraiser at Wendy’s on Feb. 25. Fifteen percent of everything sold from 5-8 p.m. in either the drive-thru or dine-in will be given to the Booster Association.

“A lot of the other programs that have done that made $600 or more,” said Eddie Wright, President of the Lady Cougar Basketball Association. “Wendy’s in Dublin has been really good about helping all of the programs.”

With the success of the Basket Bingo, Payne has plans in place to make the bingo a permanent staple and fundraiser for the team.

“I really think we are going to try to do some more of these,” Payne said. “Hopefully the next time we have one of these, we won’t have to cancel and reschedule it.”