Tubby Smith Rumors: Oregon, Georgia Tech, Virginia, and More

Dan AdamsCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2010

MILWAUKEE - MARCH 19:  Head coach Tubby Smith of the Minnesota Golden Gophers calls out in the first half during the first round of the 2010 NCAA men's basketball tournament against the Xavier Musketeers at the Bradley Center on March 19, 2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The question I would ask all the universities courting Coach Smith is, Why? Why would you want a coach that has yet to turn around a program at the University of Minnesota? His recruits really haven't stepped into the limelight over in Dinkytown. His best recruiting class will be juniors this season at the University of Minnesota.

His freshmen class this past season turned out to be full of inadequate players and convicts. Is that his fault? Probably not. Should he get the blame? In some respects, yes. He let the problem drag on through the majority of the season and you could see it on the players faces. There was no continuity within that locker room. The coaching staff looked puzzled and had no answers for their problems midseason.

They did find a way to scrap together a couple victories to get them in the NCAA tournament, but again showed those same issues that plagued them all season in their season-ending loss to Xavier.

The loss of Al Nolen really hurt the team defensively. Sophomore Devoe Joseph stepped into the point guard role and struggled mightily early on. He proved through the last couple weeks of the season that he can score points off the dribble. He also proved that he really can't run any effective offensive sets.

I urge you Oregon, Georgia Tech, Virginia, and whomever else wants to take Tubby Smith and his coaching staff. Beware. Beware of a boring offense. A very boring offense of handoff-screens, standing around, and waiting for somebody to make a play in the last ten seconds of the play clock. It was a continous never-ending problem throughout the season.

The team didn't have playmakers who could play off the dribble and score on command. Freshman, Royce White was supposed to be the answer to that problem, but he decided to steal some clothes from Macy's at the Mall of America. He decided that it would be cool to blast his team and his coach with an online video on Youtube.

I'm only eight years removed from high school, but disrespect shown by some of these young kids to their coaches is embarrassing. The NCAA should be embarrassed of the one-and-done rule they allowed the NBA to implement, and universities across the country need to be more strict with their policies for students who are given scholarships.

It's an absolute joke what "student-athletes" are allowed to due without significant consequences. Scholarships should be stripped from the player not the university for violations.

Tubby Smith is not going to have the answers for all of your basketball problems. He is not going to be the savior to your school. He will not bring you a National Championship nor will he bring you immediate success. He is going to bring you a program that will likely make the tournament eight out of every 10 years.

He might get you to the Sweet 16 a couple times during those years, but remember this: He won a National Championship with Rick Pitino's players. He brought UK a ton of victories yet they wanted him gone. His game is boring basketball. He relies way too much on playmakers.

If your school has no playmakers, you do not want Tubby Smith. I still expect him to stay at Minnesota and compete for a Big Ten Championship at some point over the next couple years, but I do not expect anything special from the Gophers in terms of a deep, deep run in the NCAA Tournament. It won't happen.